Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 3: Sorrowful souls

Moan under a lid

Designs of god Kratu

No stone remains unturned to win the war in the moments of despair and extreme sorrow of defeat or helplessness. Little earthen pot of Nefertiti was an insignia of defeat for me on the morning of December 23, ’07. While the empty pot was stirring my mind,   and pain of Nefertiti was tearing my heart in the night of December 22, there was a new hope on the new morning when the day was to  grow longer soon.

I remembered to have seen my little self as a son of Sunglow, born exactly two years after my murder by Malun in the camp of Isamati. The boy was going to be seventeen in another three weeks, I visualized. In my thoughts, there was also a sweet girl Manju whom I met in 2003 for typing some Sanskrit text in a scientific paper. She was my wife in past, as communicated through her touch during the work. It came to my notice in early 2006 that Manju was also a base medium of a goddess hating Swati. Her commanding goddess had erased the name of Swati in my computer and inserted her own name as Tyrut in July 2007. Tyrut and Swati were rival goddesses at Catal Hoyuk around 8000 years ago. Nefertiti and Sunglow were principal-selves of same soul; and, Manju represented the active-spirit-self of the very soul affiliated to Tyrut. Sunglow was forty-nine and Manju was twenty-five on the full moon night of December ’07.

There was only one solution for the relief of Nefertiti in my logic. If Augandh, or me as the son of Sunglow, and Manju could pair successfully as representatives Akhenatan and Nefertiti they formed a pair younger than my adversaries of past in the present life. I could affect the transfer of ann in prajna for the help of most beautiful lady of history harassed by the medium of Swati and her accomplice. 

Scene of 23rd December in my notebook was “Nef. shaking and sinking my heart from pain like Dubai last night”; and, 24 hours later on the next day the diary reads “Swati over, strengthless. Cooling of hrit and chest for hours in evening. The account has closed now.”

Man is an ever-ignorant being including me in Purush state.  I did not know before completing the operations of prajna that it was a design already set by god Kratu. I merely carried out what was destined. Nefertiti availed her respite and her tormentors their punishment for what they had done in the kingdom of Sun at Amarna – the capital of Akhenaton. Their present bodies had paid for the sins of their past at Amarna.

I got back my lightness of heart after eleven years of receiving the gift from Sunglow. Earthen pot of Sunglow pricked me no more in 2008. It is a non-flowing pot since December 24, 2007.