Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 3: Sorrowful souls

Doomed beloved

Mantra power versus force of love

I was unable to shut off occasional intrusion of Devashramana in my mind even after discovering that I cannot do anything. I had transformed her into a Buddha of stone at Sarnath. The loving girl of Sarnath was no more a human being; she was a psyche hiding under the cloak of mantra-charged statue of Buddha.

I have been a most hated man of Buddhists, I knew; and their deity is not going to extend any help to Devashramana for consummation of her love from an alien like me. I could not touch Deva’s psyche so long she was an idol of Buddha.

I had logic in connection with my girl of Sarnath, however. If I was surviving against all the wishes of Swati and Buddhists   to kill me, can Devashramana not come out of Buddha’s frame breaking the force of energy binding her there? Possibly she could do that availing the energy of the present self that is a Hindu. This was the only way her psyche could move out of the control of Buddha cladding her at Sarnath.

 There are moments and times when psyches under control of gods too exert in revolt to live, love and feel as independent human beings.  Devashramana did so once in June 2006. She acted like an independent self with force to cleave with her sculptor in love. Her psyche could break the controlling force over her statue  on June 19 and 26 ‘’06.

There were glitches and problems with me, however, because by the time I had run out of the energy of age; and unless I could lift energy from some other  source I could not help a freed butterfly. I recorded on 26.6.06 “Dissolution of Bottled love a problem – energy of age not available (to me) for breakthrough. Drawing out of (energy of) annoyance from the seat-man* last night, then today morning. Frontal fusion and assimilation of Buddh-murti (Buddha’s statue) turns out real.

 The above is followed by Kanta-samm. (gender-intermixing) at 1315 hrs.”

 Devashramana had broken the commanding field imposed upon her psyche and statue during energy charging ceremony of the Fifth Century AD at Sarnath.  Ordeal upon her soul was up; her consummation was over in two years.

[* Seat-man refers to a person on pillion of a motor cyclist.  I overtook the motorcycle and my car touched it while doing so without affecting the motion off the bike seriously, I could see. However, I stopped the car soon after overtaking to enquire if there was any damage.

I informed the motorcyclist if there was any damage to the bike or any repair was necessary; I’ll pay for it.

There was no response from the driver but the man on pillion turned furious and cried “You are belittling us and posing as rich and wealthy. Suppose my leg would have been cut in the accident, would you have paid for its cost too?”

I maintained my cool and replied “Surely, but your leg is intact. Let us not discuss leg, but talk about damage to the motorcycle if any.”

My reply made him much more excited and angry. “So you think you could pay for my leg too….”

I was cool when his excitement and temper jumped bounds on my non-apologetic and cool behavior.

The motorcyclist moved away rather quickly without a word, carrying his pillion-man fuming. Unexpended anger of the seat-man kept hitting me for days. A cool me absorbed the energy of anger hitting me form the man in forties. I charge myself with the ann for meeting the demand of young and virgin Deva of Fifth Century AD. Energy of anger was a lucky windfall for me to give the model of my past life what she wanted even after I had run-out of my own energy in the present life due to ageing]