Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 3: Sorrowful souls

Doomed beloved

Problem unfolds

 It was the summer of 1992 when I was in occasional contacts of Devashramana for more than a month. Devashramana of those days had same slim and light body with a cute face, large eyes and thick lips as she was at Sarnath. There was an intriguing and unexpected equation between her and her deeply loved past sculptor of Sarnath. There was an initial overture of love from her system related to her past liking. I reciprocated it; but, she could not return my response due to an inherent disability of her psychic system. Devashramana was struggling for years for consummation of her past love in contrast to Jyoti who completed her transaction within months. Problem of the Buddhist nun was her inability to come out of Buddha’s frame of the statue as a charged psyche and actuate the spirit of Devashramana in the existing body to perform necessary operations for prajna using the energy of the existing physical body. I met her last in an automobiles workshop in 2005. There was no change in the situation of her body or psyche-system. She was as helpless in 2005 as in 1992.

 Devashramana was a butterfly in a glass jar.  I could see her flying but she was unable to come out of it. I could only scratch my head to figure the person behind the tragedy of her non-responsive soul because it remains trapped with her psyche in the statue of Sarnath since 5th Century AD.  Energy-charging ritual of the past kept her forcing to continue even in her present life as an idol, disabled to reciprocate her love with another body after 1600 years

Devashramana is of same age as the ‘shameless mother’, and her body was in an appropriate age for communion with a male between 1992 and 2005. The girl  was, however, unable to reciprocate the way one expects from her in prajna. There was another tragedy with her as well.  The girl was unable to leave my system and depart, and let me free of her sorrow and desire to join me as a beloved due to the tie of her past love.  I was facing an irresolvable situation.  

There was a tragedy in the life of the Buddha model right from beginning – a tragedy related to love. The sculptor of Deva didn’t love her, in a way. His psyche was under the grip of the starved married systems of Jyoti, the then widow lady of Sarnath, and his own starved system  (away from wife on the job) conjunct with her. They were easily conjunct due to their activated sex organs after conjugation with their partners.  Such strongly bonded systems would not let a weak system interfere in their psychic transaction.

Virgin Devashramana    could fall in love with her sculptor owing to her continued and prolonged sittings. But her love, which had a weak physical radiation from mind and heart, could not break the bond of sex between a married pair of sculptor and widow. Deva’s past relationship of Sarnath had no relevance, however, in the present life. I had consumed Jyoti before meeting Devashramana. She could no more be a barrier in the consummation of virgin.

There is an instruction in Tantra: do not indulge with a virgin vulva. It creates serious long term problems because the female will not leave the indulgent male till the process of consummation is complete. Consummation of a virgin is a complex and massive energy draining exercise.  It means, a female’s acceptance of the male energy through conjugal route till her saturation; and, in the final run, returns her satiation to the partner from her sternum to male sternum. Devashramana met me and was unable either to transact with me or to leave me even after thirteen years by 2005. Deva was a virgin, and was not going to leave me easily.

Deva had sinned in falling in love with her sculptor while he turned her into a Buddha to let her suffer in rest of her lives due to tyranny of Shakti-paat by the Head Buddhist of the monastery. Present life of Jyoti had no problems in transacting with me. But, the   psyche of Devashramana trapped in the idol was failing to come into my arms after waiting for more than 1500 years. No one knew how many more years the butterfly beloved had to remain imprisoned in the glass jar when someone would break it to let Devashramana   have her nuptial flight. But, who else except Deva had to do that?

Some psyches like Devashramana have to keep suffering without any of their mistakes.  Deva was Buddha and not an independent female like Jyoti who could mate with me without any restrictions. Idol’s psyche could not act like the girl who loved me; she was a petrified damsel looking like a male and unable to behave like a beloved female. Head monk of the monastery had fixed her to remain a statue and keep suffering for promoting Buddhism. Time is frozen for all future dates of calendar for Deva, I thought.

 I had to close the chapter of my model after I met her in an automobiles shop in 2005 and discovered that nothing could be done for a disabled psyche of her. Human eyes cannot see the Buddhist tyranny of past. They turned girls into petrified damsels as Buddhas to live as future butterflies   in glass jars.