Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 3: Sorrowful souls

Avenging Sayela

Grief of the past

I met Sayela first in a town of Deccan during summer ’83 when I was an invitee for lunch. She had three of her past enemies among her guests on the lunch table. I did not know that they were due for her punishment in a revenge for breaking her chastity in historical past. Twenty-five years slipped after our meeting without my attention towards the problems of Sayela in her past.  Miseries of her past life remained buried in her heart for over two decades without coming to the surface and in my knowledge.

Unhappy past of beautiful lady figured before me when I saw her helping my wife after my retirement in our moments of hard times. She narrated her problems of present life in summer of’98; and, her past too was before me at the same time. Behind the lady was goddess Ila to convey me the story of her past. A womanizer conspired with two other plotters, and dressed her down to rob her chastity when she was the wife of the astronomer of the Kaba. All the three culprits were available for the retribution of goddess Ila through Sayela and me.

Each of three the conspirators of Mecca was grinding his own axe in a plot of past involving Sayela and the astronomer of the solar movement house. First of them was settling his score with the astronomer of Kaba who regarded him a cheat and  manipulator from a low family; the second was crazy for attractive wife of astronomer otherwise inaccessible to him; and, the third, a greedy guy, was for collecting some silver coins from the second and .obliging the first.

Operation of whisking away chaste, attractive wife of a respected citizen of Mecca did succeed. Crying fowl by the people drew no response from the new rulers of the town. Those who remembered the atrocity were out of Mecca soon forcibly. They could only pray to the goddess of chastity Ila for punishing the atrocious trio. Ila remembered their prayer and was available to me with Sayela in ‘98.

 Punishment of Ila began on the third plotter first, during his own lifetime at Mecca. He died under the force of goddess Ila a few years later, deceived by the miser womanizer and remaining unpaid till death. The goddess kept the man suffering as a pauper in his present life too. He did the heinous job merely for money – a couple of silver coins.  Syela remained a witness of the suffering of the greedy during his present life as well. 

Sayela turned out to be a medium of goddess Ila to transact energy on behalf of the goddess for the conspirator numbers 1 and 2 in their present lives. The two were to receive their punishments for the past suffering of Sayela from the lady herself because she had vowed for revenge upon them that had remained pending till her present life. Goddess Ila was the deity carrying out the punishment upon them for their sins of past.

I looked into the problems of the present life of Sayela when she asked for help. She needed large quantity of male-energy to combat them. I gave her a mantra for recitation everyday. The lady had already drained her mate and consumed his manojav too. She could get nothing more from him to fulfill her goal. Sayela sucked the male-energy from the womanizer of her past life, sitting with her on the dining table in 1983. Goddess Ila was for help. Her job was done to her satisfaction.

 The person breaking her chastity in her past life for enjoying her sex after snatching the lady from her husband forcibly lost his manojav fast to become   sterile. He turned   incapable of producing children after 1998. To his bad luck, his wife was crazy for children under social pressure. She brought home a child in her womb from someone else right under his nose. Chastity breaking culprit of Sayela was unable to restrain his wife from doing what he did in past life. Ila was punishing him in present life for raping a woman in Mecca.

The second conspirator of Syela is now rearing someone else’s child. He is fritting and fuming within but unable to throw away his wife and child out of his home. His condition is not going to change in his present life.

The first conspirator was a lowly man of Mecca; he is a low caste man again in the present life. He remained a mean conspirator, defamed as a manipulator. There was an occasion when I stood before him in scorn for his machination of an undesirable flooding of water on a certain occasion – a continuation of his past trait of conspiracies. He covered his eyes with his palms under impact of shame to face me after his guilt was exposed. It was the occasion only when I saw shame in an otherwise shameless and mean man – a manipulator among manipulators in his present life.

  It looked that conspirator number one of the trio, forcing a rape on Sayela through conspirator number two and insult on her husband, would escape unpunished in his present life when he retired from service honorably.  There was news in the paper within a year of his retirement in late 2003 or early 2004. He was in the net of Central Bureau of Investigation of India for corruption. The Investigative organization had filed a case in   a court of law against him   with other officers of my past organization.

Sayela, backed by goddess Ila, fulfilled her desire of past life for avenging her three conspirators in present life. I recounted a poem of famous Urdu poet Ghalib after reading the news about Sayela’s conspirator no. 1, months after he retired:


Oh, my defamation after death! Why didn’t I sink in the river before?

 There wouldn’t have been burial procession, nor (ill talk at) my grave.