Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 2: Gods admonish

Siva, Lonkha and Blei


During my transactions with Lonkha – the Khasi goddess – I discovered that Kamakhya will not act against her because she also belongs to the Khasi clan although she is adopted and worshiped by Hindus these days rather than Khasis. Literally Kamakhya and Lonkha both denote vulva. The former translates as Mother’s vulva and the latter is organ of female (lon + ka). Female organ worship is a tribal cult and dates back to Pre-Vedic period. Vedic cult has also assimilated it later, especially for Tantra. Brihad Aranyakopanishad has a prayer dedicated to vulva (23).

Lonkha is Khasi goddess of matrimony. Seemingly the goddess presides over the matrimonial contact between a newly married virgin and her husband for the first stage saturation of the bride from the intake of masculine energy till her first pregnancy. It is basically a transaction in the kamaschet regime.  Active organs of the psyche during the period are sex organs of the two genders and kamsthal-annasthal/ atmasthal of the conjugant. Prolonged frontal cleaving and cooling in the sternum area is typical experience for the couple.

Lonkha is anti-Buddhist in temperament.  She was annoyed and agitated when Khasi queen was baptized to Buddhism – an anti-matrimony cult. Her revenge was due on the person who baptized the queen into the new cult; and, she wanted me to destroy the person extending as a single psychic unit between Buddha and Jawaharlal Nehru. She acted actively herself till she finished the primary figures behind the anti-matrimony religion – Buddha and Amrapali. The former had run out of home abandoning his wife, and the latter was a whore socially disqualified to run a household..

Khasi people have a solar worshiping apparatus in Rajasthan dating back to nearly 35000 years (3). Lonkha is a Khasi  deity of  Pre-Vedic period, accordingly.  I discovered Lonkha to be a powerful goddess of Tantra, congenial to Hindus.