Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 2: Gods admonish

Savior Lord

He is no more

I was in the temple town of Badrinath – North-most shrine of Vishnu – in the first fortnight of September. Badrinath Temple is situated on the right bank of a minor stream called Alaknanda.  Elders of the village of Mana, near the temple, were educating me about the age-old story related to the statue of Vishnu in the temple. It was a statue of  Buddha brought in the temple from a Buddhist monastery of village Thula in the north.

I was sitting in a restaurant on the left bank of river Alaknanda looking   over the temple in evening of September 9 ’88.  Suddenly, there was a communication from the shrine: he is not there.

Back from the trip of Himalayas, I discovered that Brute was very much in his seat. I threw a dead rat out of the compound-wall of my residence in an early morning dream of December ’88. Suddenly two hawks arrived on the wall to pick the rat up. The shiny smaller hawk commanded the bigger hawk not to touch his prey. Human forms of the hawks were identifiable. One was the then Chairman of ONGC and the other was Director Exploration.

Things started moving fast against Bully Brute in the first week of April 1989. His office was sealed and his exit was looking certain on the 9th of the month, exactly seven months after the communication ‘he is not there’ from Vishnu of Badrinath.

 The cross made and polished by Brute for crucifying me caught its carpenter somehow. C&MD of ONGC carried out the act of nailing its creator on the very cross made for me. My boss disappeared disgracefully from the office by the middle of April ’89, five years before completing the tenure of his service.

 My boss was a collaborator of a plotter in my past life when I had died, stabbed in back. He was trying to succeed in manipulations even in his present life. His sins were upon him, and he had run out of luck. He had enjoyed cutting short the tenure of my rule in my kingdom by eliminating me through murder. He was grieving disgraceful exit and loss of tenure of his service in his present life. 

There was a protector for me as well.  He was my family deity Vishnu, assuring me of Brute’s exit months in advance.