Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 2: Gods admonish

God Ved

Temple forced its construction

My life after retirement was to be a life of isolation and minimum interaction with the people. A modest accommodation of 1200 sq. feet was enough for me. I hired an architect and asked him to give me a house of the desired size at the earliest. He made the house in ten months but his bill was for 4000 sq. feet. This included a temple at the rooftop and a separate guest room where I could light a lamp for Goddess Kaba of Mecca.

Temple-like structure of my roof top arrived, to my perception, for solace of thousands of Aton worshippers in the town of  Amarna who worshipped Sun under Pharaoh Akhenaton ruling  some 3300 years ago (20, 21). Akhenaton was murdered and followers of god Amon ransacked the town, vandalized its buildings after sacking out its inhabitants following the death of Pharaoh in conspiracy. Charged psyches of the damned men were haunting the active spirit of Akhenaton for their relief. My earlier rented residence between 1995 through 1998 belonged to a person responsible for persecution of the men dying after their displacement from the town of Sun. His account with the men of Akhenaton was over  7 days before I moved out of the accommodation on June 4, ‘98.

 A small structure at my rooftop is a temple of Aton or Sun. It has brought peace to the dead of Amarna, my wife in the present life and me.

The rooftop temple is a two storied structure. Its upper roof rests on 12 small pillars indicating 12 months of sun. A Siva-ling is mounted over the roof that holds a disk of granite signifier of sun. It contains 16 crescents of goddess moon on sides. The lower rectangular and highly sloping roof rests on   16 pillars signifier of 16 lunar phases of moon in Hindu calendar between last waned moon and last waxed or full moon.

Elderly father of the contractor working for my house explained to me during the construction of my house “You don’t make a house, the house makes itself.”  I discovered the truth in the statement of the old man in context with the temple of Aton.

 I visualized quite late that the structure at my rooftop is not merely a temple of Aton. God Sun is associated with equal force of God Moon or goddess Chamunda. My little temple belongs really to Gods Ved or Aum and Siva as also goddess Chamunda.