Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 2: Gods admonish

God Ved

It wasn’t enough

At times stories   add new and unnecessary episode after natural end has reached. I never expected that Geological Society will publish another parallel of Vedic Sarasvati in future after my paper. True, they did not publish; but, lure of indulging in the easily accessible   Western translations of Veds and other Indian scriptures is hard to resist for Brahmins continuing in the same caste for many lives. I came across another article in the Journal of the Society in 2007 related to Vedic past; and, was   constrained to write a letter to the editor of Geological Society about the paper by Radhakrishna with Iyengar.

“I read with utter contempt and derision ‘Geographical Location of Vedic Irina in Southern Rajasthan’ (Geol. Soc. Ind. 70, p. 609 – 705). Neuter Irinam is a common noun denoting desert (Encl. 1). A subject of discussion on the word falls under lexicography, not geography. Lexicon building begins in Sanskrit with Yask, who has considered the word (Encl.2); and, the discussion on the word has reached modern times too (Enc. 3). The common noun does not fall under the paradigm of Geology or Geography. Also, the two authors discussing it, being unskilled in Sanskrit grammar, are incompetent to dwell upon it.

         You may like to consider the withdrawal of the article.”

I only hoped after sending the letter to the editor that he will now take care of articles with prefix ‘Vedic’ by the grace of God Brahma. He has only to scrutinize if the author has a degree in Sanskrit language.

 My letter, written on January 15, 2008, brought an end to my somewhat forced reading of Sanskrit grammar beginning around 28 years ago and continuing thereafter till 2007. First a craving of Sanskrit grammar   hit my head on command of God Ved; and, I realized about role of goddess Sarasvatee in the matter after 2002.

I recorded “Vagdevi (Sarasvatee) declares ‘finis’ around 8.30 in morning while I was on a walk” forty-six days before writing the letter to the editor, Geological society of India.

 Brahma had started the punishment on three Brahmins and Sarasvatee concluded it. I was a medium of the two custodians of Vedic cult, pursuing Sanskrit grammar only to write a letter to the Editor of Geological Society of India.

These were many acts and transactions in the non-physical world connected with goddess Sarasvatee. I consider it prudent to eschew the tragedies of past and their  pains and problems figuring in the story above. My respected Sanskrit teacher made it clear in 1989 that nothing except suffering is there for me in the present life; and, my gods have given me strength to endure them. Sufferings are a bit too hard and too personal some times to put on paper.  Faiz, a famous Urdu poet talks of “A pain so hard that moulds not in song.” One must live with such gloomy events and situations with cries of silence. They are with most of us, in   the present or past.