Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Kaba’s wheel in motion

As you sow, so you reap

We cannot change destiny, seen well in advance by gods. What happened between SKS and me on the night of October 5 was not the scene shown to me by Kaba. In my dream the man lay on a stretcher as dead, and people were carrying him away as a corpse.  I didn’t want to see the dream materialized in reality.  SKS has an illiterate-like housewife and two sons in tender age. What’ll happen to them in case he dies or falls in dire peril, as my dream indicated? He was already in financially stressed state. Worst conditions will hit his wife and children to face in such an eventuality, I imagined. I wanted to see them as they were subsisting as in the present, not worse. The issue of drugged state of SKS was avoided in my talk with anyone, therefore.

Things don’t happen the way we like them to take shape guided by logic or feelings. Something called destiny turns and twists the scenario of life very fast and unexpectedly, occasionally.  Slapping of SKS proved one such event to the solace of the charged spirits and souls hanging on my head in my new residence perceptively since February ’99.

I had founded a society of the residents around me in the newly emerging colony of Doon Enclave with about thirty house-owners. I was its Patron in 2006 after serving it as President for five years. Neither the goon and his wife   nor anyone of the members of the society was aware that I had undergone a misery of my wrist under the clutches of a drug addict; and my arm was under treatment. The unchallenged goon of Mecca, turning thousands of men homeless, was certainly a moral wreck after the slap of Kaba in the night of October 5, 2006. SKS and his wife wept before each member of the society at my tyranny on the Tyrannosaurus of Mecca at their residence in the meeting of the society on October 15, just ten days later. My slapping was a hot topic of discussion among excited members in the meeting after pitiful projection of the incidence by the husband and wife.

 A delegation of the society came to me to know about the complaint just after the meeting. They learnt the story of drug peddling of SKS and his drug addiction.

It was the beginning of the doom for the goon of Mecca. After he earned the defamation of being a drug peddler, his suppliers of drug withdrew due to fear of police.  Money lenders too, alarmed at the prospects of the person landing in jail soon, turned aggressive for returning their loan at the earliest. A miserable SKS had no option but to dispose off the house and pay the money. Such a condition was evident in March ’07. But he could not sell the house at market rate. There was a complaint against his house relating to its irregularity of construction; and,   completion certificate of house under sale could not be availed by him due to the pending case. He sold his house at a much lower price, as a result.

On the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of the new millennium SKS left and moved out of his house in the very way he had enjoyed driving out a mass of people from Mecca to Basra.  Retribution of Kaba in response to the cry of her worshippers being driven out of Mecca in persecution for not falling in line with Islamite was over.

Interpretation of the funeral procession of SKS, seen moving in particular direction towards a house a hundred feet away, was abundantly clear the day he departed with a weeping wife. The owner of the specific house had sold it and died within years of the event. Kaba had conveyed two and half years before   the goon actually moved away after selling the house. My dream had indicated the fate of my neighbour rather than his death. It was the fate of SKS forced upon him by the past curses of thousands uprooted men of Mecca leaving their homes, and dying hundreds of kilometers away in Basra. Goddess Kaba returned to the soul of SKS the very suffering on 7.7.07.  It was  1400 years after Tyrant’s misdeed at Mecca.

As you sow, so you reap is an old adage for the rule of karmas that runs on soul. If one body of a soul sows thorny plants on the path for the suffering of the others, the other body of the same soul has to tread the very track some day. Case of an once roaring and fearful SKS of past, making the men of  Kaba to shiver and go away from Mecca, would reopen some day in my future life was unimaginable for the Astronomer of Kaba temple when he left Mecca for Basra.

Sun-priest of Kaba had a job to do for her before she takes action upon the goon of past. It was annihilating the fear potential of the man accrued by him through worship of Trasan since ages. A prolonged prajna fulfilled her desire. Her action  to ‘kill him’ waited till the fellow reached level zero in his manojav, unable to pump fear in other minds in future lives.