Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Kaba’s wheel in motion

A slap from Kaba

Keeping dogs out of his garage and compound was helplessness for SKS due to threat of police and drastic consequences thereafter. Simultaneously, he could not abandon his drug trade because he was under high interest rate loans of private lenders.  Requirement of money was too compelling for him. He found a way out soon, however.

SKS used to come out of his house in drunken state for a stroll at 11 in the night along with his wife. There was hardly any person on the street at this late hour of night. He gathered his semi-domesticated dogs and bitches on the road around his house, and brought them on his gate to carry out drug testing as usual. Irregular barking, which bedeviled my sleep earlier for years, commenced once again.

I challenged him for putting an end to his activity when he was at his gate with his animals on October 5 ‘06. He started talking rubbish in drunken state, infuriating me. My slap was straight on his cheek with full force.

I had a terrible experience the next moment when he held my left hand to stop another slap. My wrist was in iron tongs. He was in drugged state. The devil was merely posing drunk but the situation was altogether different. I was facing a man converted into steel-demon under the effect of drugs. With full force and jerk, I freed my wrist and came home.

Damage to the muscles and tendons of my left arm was modest as a price of slapping on the cheek of my neighbor.  Mother Kaba delivered her slap to the merciless tyrant of Mecca through me. She  did it for the solace of psyches of Basra moaning in my half-built house in the night of February ’99.

On the following day, I informed one of the relations of SKS a few houses away to persuade the person to keep away from drug trade. I did not tell him that the fellow himself takes drugs and may become a drug addict soon. Every civilized society views taking drugs with indignation and contempt these days. I avoided embarrassing the close relation of SKS.