Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Kaba’s wheel in motion

What is he doing with the cats and dogs?

SKS had run out of funds during the construction of the house and sank into loan from private lenders when he shifted into semi-complete house in September 2002, his other neighbor informed me. This was an expected end. Resources for building the house of SKS were a loan from ONGC and paltry savings of a low paid employee. It was just enough for a single story building of the size planned by him; and, construction of the second story in the house was impossible, I had reasoned sometimes ago. What could be the source of his additional income prompting him for the construction of the second story? I had analyzed without answer.

Strange information about the behavior and actions of SKS had come to my notice through his neighbor before he occupied his new home.  Both were living nearby in small, two-room apartments of ONGC. Two dogs of my neighbor shared    his small accommodation in addition to his wife  and children

It was hard to link the dogs with any of his requirements related to safety or protection. ONGC colony is safe and well protected by the guards of the organization. Dogs were for some other use of SKS obviously. I was unable to figure out their utility for him, however.

Within months of his stay in my neighborhood the goon gathered street dogs and cats in his compound and lodged few of them in his narrow garage in absence of a car with the person. Canines in the garage would bark irregularly in the night at One, or Four or Five O’clock in morning. They made us miserable as our sleep used to be off for whole night at times.

Some thing was common to the cats and dogs kept by my neighbor. The pups and kitten bred in his house would die before growing up, crushed or hit near his gate on the road by the vehicles passing usually with pretty slow speed. They were in senseless state, nearly. Even the mother bitch did not respond quickly to   my stones hitting it for driving away.

 It was a pathetic site; pups were dying one after the other, hit by or crushed under a vehicle. The event did not move my neighbor, however. He would simply instruct the sweeper to load them in his carriage and dispose off in the garbage van without any emotion. His behavior was inhuman. Some thing was fishy, but eluding my mind for exact solution.  

I intensified my observation on the pets as also the stray dogs and bitches of SKS since summer 2006.  Most of them were sheltered in his house for overnight. Some stray cats too, visiting his house, were in my observation because they too were served food by his wife everyday like dogs, and none of them was his pet.

At times words from innocent children prove very revealing. I was standing in my garden adjacent to SKS’ house once. Younger son of the neighbor was explaining to a visitor of the family how cunningly his father dodges the growling dogs if he has to feed mutton pieces to cats. He takes the cats in to his room and serves them meat there. I hadn’t smelt mutton under cooking in the house of my neighbor for months.

In an early morning of mid-September ’06, I knocked the gate of my neighbor. When he came out I said  “You are testing drugs on the dogs and cats kept in your garage and house. If I see a dog or bitch in garage in future, I will inform police”. Barking in the garage of the goon came to an end.

I had discovered the source of my neighbor’s additional income to my satisfaction. SKS was in drug trade. Testing the drug samples on the dogs and cats was his specialization.  He was no human being. Trasan, his god since ages, was for tragedies and treachery of mankind as also the animals in the settlement of Catal Hoyuk some eight thousand years ago. SKS was promoting his worship adjacent to my residence. He was harassing me, drugging the human clients and   killing the animals simultaneously. He was serving his ancient deity well even in the present life with same fervor and devilish devotion.