Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Kaba’s wheel in motion

Darkness at noon

I took action against my neighbor’s designs in summer 2002 for inflicting deliberate and unnecessary harassments upon me. I raised my boundary wall to 9 feet on a Saturday morning. He put up a SOS application in a concerned government department to stop my activity because rooms in his house ware turning dark even at noon due to raised wall merely eight feet away from front doors of his house. The department rushed a person to restrain me. I did not heed to his verbal advice. The contractor plastered and finished the raised wall on Sunday – a closed day in the office.

I also put up an application before Mussoori Dehradun Development Authority about the irregularity of construction in the house of SKS in my neighborhood; and, pointed out that construction of his porch and the house above 12 feet is illegal, as per the rules.

MDDA informed me a year later that the height of my wall is in order as per the rules, and complaint of my neighbor dismissed. But the governmental office is yet to take action   on my application for decision on the irregular construction of my neighbor. It is not unusual for the government departments in India to keep files and cases pending for several years for one reason or the other .

Goddess Kaba, the deity of the solar movement house of Mecca, gave her first punishment to the goon of past by blanking out Sun in his house three and half years after a room dedicated to the aggrieved psyches of Mecca was ready  for their solace in my own house adjacent to their tormentor.

  It took years to carry an anti-Tantra exercise against (the subconscious-self of) SKS to lift and throw away his massive dose of fear pushed by him in the hearts of Mecca dwellers of past including myself. Tyranny potential of SKS emanated from his patron Trasan – a   dark deity of torture worshipped by the night hunters thousands of years ago. SKS’ capability to induce fear of torture could come to an end only after a couple of years since raising the boundary wall of my compound triggering violent but helpless reactions from his psyche.   

 I used to see SKS sitting by the side of my high wall every Thursday morning and chanting mantras loudly for several months wishing a calamity for me. Neither I died nor did the wall fall down.