Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Solar-movement deity Kaba

Accursed arrives

I had not to wait long for arrival of  the goon of Mecca after I stepped into my new house and saw a little doll like medium of Kaba in the arms of her mother nearby. There was an empty plot between my residence and the next house to the west of my home. It belonged to a SKS unknown to me, and serving in my ex-organization on a    low post. He kept plans of his house secret for long even after he started its construction in spring of 2001. He was proceeding on an enigmatic construction plan and allowed none to know the design of his building.  Only apparent feature of the design was a blind wall on the western side of his building joining the boundary wall of his neighbor, turning him unhappy.   

Shape of the house and its final plans were obvious, however, by the beginning of 2002 when the second story of the building was under construction. The house was facing my house instead of road to depreciate the view and value of my house. It was against the rules, but the person had decided to complete his house in this shape to make me unhappy without obvious gains of his own. Distance of the front wall of the house was merely eight feet from my compound; and, its second story was killing my privacy.  Additionally, to my chagrin, he had reduced the height of my compound wall from seven feet to three by raising the ground level of his compound. It was hard to find logic for his actions to make a house defying the approved plan of the colonizer and rules of the town planners. He was acting illogically and vehemently only to harass his two neighbors.

I was somewhat worried at goon-like activities of SKS to harass me in sadism. I could not realize in the multiple stresses upon me those days that his actions were merely a repetition of what he had done to us  at Mecca 1400 years ago  – harass people for his sadist enjoyments after the temple of Kaba fell to Islamite. He was repeating the same act closest to the wall of my house where the charged psyches of Mecca were grieving in ’99. I was one of them once upon a time when they were driven out of Mecca; and, when the assembly of their psyches was with me in my unfinished house they were apprehensive of my similar harassment in the present as well. They wanted to remind me of a similar future before me in the days to come, I felt. The goon of our past life was on my head and going ahead with his plans to make  me miserable once again after 1400 years or so.