Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Solar-movement deity Kaba

Cry of the dead 

Once I visited my house under construction late at night. It was the only house under construction among the plots around and no person was in sight in the moonlit night. I was standing at the northern corner of the house, thinking about some future strategies when the atmosphere got denser and somber.  It was a moment when I felt myself as lying as a dead among the dead who had turned alive and communicative.  I was among the psyches belonging to the   people of a far but known land. They were the people of Mecca and Basra who had to say that they too had suffered and died like me once and they were a part of my world of dead at Basra.  What did they want to convey was not available to me. Possibly they wanted to communicate their continuing unhappiness after being uprooted from their homes in Mecca. Possibly they wanted to live with me till I avenge their misery and give them peace. I was sad, sharing their unhappiness and feelings as a part of their crowd of thousands of men, women and children crying and dying one after the other.

 I remembered my yearning to visit Mecca and Kaba when I was in Basra during 1975-76. I did not know the cause those days. Only in the cold night of February ’99 I discovered myriads of restless dead at Basra who turned communicative to a living me in my half finished residence of Dehradun. They were buried 3000 kilometers away but distance and time has no meaning for psyches and a Braahman dealing with them.   I was one among the same dead lot and in communication with them in the chilly winter night, though living physically.  I could only share their unhappiness and gloom for being uprooted from homes in Mecca, and continuing to suffer for 1400 years in exile from Mecca as charged spirits. They were unable to lose their desires to go back to Mecca and avenge their tormentor.

I was going to be in my new home soon and so will be  many of them in their new lives in the present unaware of their past   because only soul moves in time and space for a new life with memories of past. These get  memories blanked  in the conscious mind of new life. A charged psyche or spirit would neither move nor gets it rid of desires and emotions at the time of death. It could only communicate mentally to the subconscious minds of past time-frame wherever they are.  Like most psyches of men women and children around me in the night of February ’99, I too wanted to be back to Mecca and Kaba after departing from the oasis and settling at Basra. Like them I too cursed the one who drove us out of our homes in Mecca and forced to sleep for ever after death in Basra instead of Mecca.  Like them I too desired the uprooting of the tyrant from his home like us who settled at Basra after traveling for twelve hundred kilometers north of their home in penniless condition. 

What can I do for these dead people? I wondered in the cold night. There was none around there in the moonlit night who could be assigned any role in our misery of past and we could settle our score together with him. When the house was complete, I dedicated its guest room to Kaba and my friends of Mecca.  I light a lamp for Kaba on every light-festival of India. It is for the solace and peace to the dead of Basra including myself.

Problem of our life is that death means nothing to the men of higher souls. They may keep living for long as active spirits or charged spirits in many cases; and, unless the charging negative energy gets neutralized they don’t turn into passive spirits to rest in peace. Charged spirits of Mecca were hounding me to take them to peace in the moonlit night of February ’99.  

To my surprise there was a baby medium of Kaba available next door, less than two years in age, when I stepped into my newly constructed residence in July ’99. My surprise had a reason. Whenever I met female mediums representing goddesses their age was in teens since 1989. Why Kaba’s medium is less than two years was an enigma.