Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Solar-movement deity Kaba

Commanding power

I had a strange experience in the multi-flame temple of Baku, worshiped once by Angiras people as Saptarchi (7 + yer+ ati = 7 earthly fires). When I opened my eyes after chanting a verse for goddess Fire from Rigved, I saw many schoolchildren around, watching me with curiosity. I rubbed the shoot of the fire with my ring finger on the forehead of a child and made a mark for his good luck.  There was a queue in no time for a similar mark on the forehead of all of them. This was the power of goddess Saptarchi, worshiped by my ancestors several thousand years ago. 

At the door of the open air temple there was a marble plaque engraved: Hindu community of Baku inspired by Jawaharlal in 1961 has made the temple.  It was more than surprise. The atheist secularist of India, fuming at First President of India for attending the inauguration of Somanath temple in Saurashtra, inspired Hindus of Baku to make a temple for fire. I had to believe what the plaque read.

It was the commanding power of Saptarchi, I could feel. An anti-Hindu Jawaharlal, hated man of chaste Hindus of his time, turned an emotional Hindu after seeing goddess Saptarchi. He advised Hindus of Baku to make a temple of Fire on   a foreign soil!

Kaba executed a similar command on Islamite mind that recites “I testify to that there is no God except Allah, and I testify to that Mohammad is His devotee and His messenger”. There is none worship-worthy except Him in Islam and the religion forces that the followers of Mohammad worship none except Allah.  Baptizing   people in the Vedic tradition of solar-movement-house or the Sun cult and donning a Harappan beard has never stopped till date at Kaba, however, for over 4000 years; only language of worship has changed. Aditi and Kaba alone are the commanding force behind the continuation of their age old tradition in the oasis of Mecca.

Every religion has its bluffs, lies and contradictions. Bright sunny Kaba has none. Harappan beards after the occupation of Kaba temple  know that there is an Allah; but, the very fellows also strive  to gather a crowd every year for donning Harappan beards  after the  rituals of goddess Aditi – the pantheon mother of all gods and men alike. Such is the command potential of Sun’s mother Aditi world over. Every Kaba devotee turns into a sun-worshiper after his beard turns Harappan; and, these beards have only compassion, no terror.

 I recount an instance of my young age in the above context. I explained to some villagers how to light and smoke a hookah scientifically. They told me after my act was over that I belonged to their caste as per the village tradition since I had smoked the hookah of a Koiry (vegetable grower). I changed from a Brahmin to a Koiry in a jiffy effortlessly