Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Solar-movement deity Kaba

Status of vulva goddess

There is an instruction in Tantra: conjugate with all vaginas excepting mother. Mothers are, however, at different levels of consciousness domain. There are mother goddesses for men and also mother goddesses for gods. Kamakhya, for example, is mother goddess of men. People practicing Tantra in the psychic frame of men, like famous Ramakrishna, worship her  as mother  or organ of mother goddesses Kali; and, a Vedic erudite or Yogi sees Kamakhya as mother’s organ   belonging to mantra-goddess Sarasvatee. These goddesses turn into wives when a person operates Prajna in the state of Braahman god.

 Kamakhya represents a vulva goddess and Siva a phallus god for men – commoner and yogis, below the state of Brahm. A Brahm feels himself to be a god when he says ‘Sivoham’ – I am Siva. There are two higher states of men above Brahm – Braahman and Purush.  At this level a person   finds that mother goddesses of men have turned into wives.

 Aditi and her vulva Kaba remain mothers for men as also for gods. She is mother-deity of all Vedic gods including god Aditya (Sun). Aditi and her conjugant god Purush, differ from men and godly states of humans.  Their transaction (conjugation) for neutralization of gender-energy moves from feminine spinal chord to the masculine without any sex organ and without any excitement.

 Aditi has no vulva strictly speaking. Her vulva or goddess Kaba means frontal part of a female spinal chord – nearly a foot in length, south of the vertical beam of sun on the stone on May 28/29 every year.