Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Welcome home

Salutations, the shameless!

I was running an overt war against Swati and my other psychic adversaries of past life since 16.1.89. Almost every day was a day of battle. A strong feeling suggesting that my enemy front has collapsed gripped me in the evening of October 30 ’06. I cast   a horoscope of the moment to verify if my feelings were tenable. Was I right or was I running through a misguiding wave of mind under the command of Swati? She possessed me like a slave.

 My feeling was in error.  An unexpected confrontation or debacle in the service position was predicted in a near future. Arrival of Asmat on the seventh day of casting the horoscope confirmed it.  I jotted down that his arrival meant ‘end of Salim’s problems’ (in near future). Salim was the only son of Moghal Emperor Akbar from his Rajput queen. He remained miserable all life due to conspiracies of his maternal uncle Mansingh and his coterie of Muslims and Hindu chieftains. Asmat’s visit was a solace to Salim. There must be a turgid event like kicking out of Bully Brute from my room in Iraq, I speculated. It would affect me but I was not going to be a loser.

 My friend’s ominous visit bore fruits a month later. In the second week of December Project Saraswati of Rajasthan drew my attention once again. A news item in ONGC Reports (on the Internet) lauded the success of ONGC in achieving a large flow of water from a well in the desert of Jaisalmer. Scientific report responsible for the find of water was by Attadhisthanam and Rupees 17 hundred thousand of the company was due on ONGC on the day. Dues against the document remained still unpaid by my past organization.  ONGC Reports did not even make a mention of the contribution of Attadhisthanam and its report.

ONGC had acted in a brazenly shameless way displaying undisputable scientific dishonesty. It was an unbecoming conduct for my old organization. I remembered a slogan of Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, during the eighties, hanging in every room those days –    no quarter will be given to the corrupt, the lazy and the dishonest (or ineff.?). Someone had quipped “Look at the language. A person has to be the corrupt; corrupt is not enough for disqualification in the government of India.”  A befitting example of the dishonest, scientifically as also financially, was obvious in the Attadhisthanam-ONGC case too. A single individual was pointedly responsible for the act – C &MD, ONGC.

I addressed a letter to R.S Sharma,  C &MD of ONGC, on December 16 ’06 expressing my views and asking  the payment for the job done by Attadhisthanam and its report but leaving the decision of payment to the “Conscience in the ONGC Corporate consciousness’’ because I had not drawn a legal agreement for the job before its commencement. Papers for payment to  the author at a rate of Rupees 500,000 per month were under consideration in the office of the Chairman in November ’05 was in my knowledge, however. There was no response to my letter from Sharma, and there was no option but to conclude: the conscience in the Corporate ONGC is dead.

 A Fortune 500 Company of India was ready to stand as an insolvent before my firm Attadhisthanam merely for Rupees 1.7 million.

What a shame!

Possibly this was the target of Goddess Chamunda of Osiyan in Rajasthan, however.  She had sent a   tiger from her establishment in Attadhisthanam to a battle field in her own country against the two C & MDs of ONGC just to maul and finish them morally. Psychic domain is not legal, it  is moral based; and, two  C & MDs of  ONGC were to judge themselves morally  about their  worth  for heading  the colossal Empire of  ONGC  expanded and  brought to glory by Colonel S. P. Wahi.

People in government and power are prone to denying payments to the hired erudite and intellectuals. An infamous case is often cited in the Indian history. Mahmud Ghazni (997-1030AD), destroyer of Somnath Temple of Gujarat, did not pay 60,000 gold coins to his court poet Firdausi for his work Shahnama in the eleventh century AD (12). The poet died crying “Were his mother a lady of high pedigree, in silver and gold had I stood to knee!”  Sadly, Firdausi did not travel from Afghanistan to India of today and discover that not only the assets of ONGC are more than his king but also Mehmud Ghazni’s practice of dishonesty is continuing in same strength keeping aside a glorious moralizing slogan by the Prime Minister of India.

Indian culture, philosophy and atmosphere are great and unparalleled, any way. Firdausi must have repented for writing his nasty poem accusing a mother for her unbecoming son.  He would have come across our glorious phrase ‘Naked (shameless) are greater than God’. Our moral is equally great: judge  a man,  smile at him, but  don’t abuse him unnecessarily. After all he is accountable for his own karmas. Get cheated, don’t cheat  advised Kabir.

Action of Chamunda on two henchmen of the cheat continued as late as closing of 2007. Some thing extra also figured before me during the transactions of the goddess.

Asmat had availed innately what he wanted when the goddess closed her account. His soul and past psyche felt satisfied at the results of his visit.