Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Welcome home

Who eats who? 

Big fish eat small. A similar rule is applicable to men: stature of a person is proportionate to his wealth.  The two apply in the physical and psychic worlds with equal force. Quantum of sukrit earned by an individual determines his ‘size’ in the psychic world. Sukrit is psychic energy earned by gratifying acts. In a psychic confrontation between two fellows both know innately who will eat who as determined by strength of manojav.

 Col. S. P. Wahi, the Emperor Chairman of ONGC, explained me once the principle of his unique and practical theory of management by confusion during eighties while he was visiting our Laboratories.  I practiced it only once for the sake of ONGC.  The organization earned a profit of 5.4 billion rupees as windfall without investment of a rupee; and, I lifted the sukrit due to me from 45000 souls in the organization.  None excepting Wahi equals my earning of Sukrit in ONGC. Sukrit is not available while acting or working routinely when none feels gratified. You earn it when others feel obliged.

Raha was a big man in the corporate capacity. However, at the level of manojav he is   small fish before me.  Chamunda sucked out ann of his manojav as due from her culprit of past. She deployed me as a conduit medium for siphoning the energy out of her sinner.