Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

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Identification and punishment

On the Republic day of India, January 26, ’06, the coordinator of the project met Raha, C &M D and briefed him about the progress of the project. He was happy. The coordinator conveyed the pleasure of the C M&D to me through a senior officer working with me and collecting the report from me when I was leaving for Mumbai. 

My report about the water wells was submitted on the last date of January as planned. I did not hear, however, any thing about payment even months after its submission. There was a letter from the coordinator of the project inviting me to the inauguration of the drilling of the first well near Jaisalmer on May 8, ’06. It was a discourteous invitation, and he expected for certain that I would not go in response to the insulting letter.

The cheat who owned the project and ought to have paid Attadhisthanam before the drilling of the first well stood unmasked when I received the letter. He was Raha, the then C&MD who had conveyed his pleasure to me on January 26, 2006.

 Psychic energy of powerful people commanding others lies in their heads and bodies. When a person cheats, his manojav turns amenable to sucking out through head-to-head contact by the one cheated. Goddess Chamunda sucked and availed the ann on account of the acts of cheating in the night of May 7 ’06. Such massive energy intake by gods involving abdomen (guts), ego-plate and valor plate are rare. Only three persons other than Raha met this fate during past 19 years.  

Raha’s term of C M&D was expiring in the last week of May ’06. There was an expectation that he would have an extension of the post for another two years till his superannuation. It did not materialize and his service was cut short. He was the first C & MD of the company to exit without completing his tenure of service till superannuation.