Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Goddess of Osiyan

Message of Chamunda   

Sun had already set when I reached Hotel Taj, Jodhpur on December 21. A girl in twenties garlanded me while I was moving towards the reception counter unexpectedly. I was not prepared for reacting against the sudden and quick act, which I would have otherwise stopped.

 An unmarried girl is supposed to garland only once in the Vedic tradition and the person is none other than her betrothed husband. Event of Hotel Taj was under the command of Chamunda who had become active since middle of November. She solemnized her marriage through the medium by garlanding me on the day I entered Taj.

Next morning I was departing for Jaisalmer. The girl was there to see us off with a piece of candied sugar in the past tradition of Rajasthan to wish victory in the battle field. Wives used to see off their warriors proceeding to a battlefield in this manner.

“What’s your name my child?” I asked.


The Brahmin girl before me bore the name of a very privileged Vedic goddess – mother of gods.  I recited a hymn in the honor of the deity: Aditi is heavens, she is horizon, she is mother, he is father and son as well; Aditi is world-gods, Five-men Aditi is everything born as well as to be born (Rik. 1.89.10).

 Aditi was sending me to a battlefield with a good luck. A battle was certain. I was wondering only about the yet unknown battlefield where Chamunda’s tiger was to maul her enemy. 

Most of my day was spent in a fieldwork around desert town of Jaisalmer. Night fell soon after I landed in Hotel Rang Mahal of the town. I was certain after reaching the hotel that an assignment of Chamunda had taken me there; and,   hunting deepwater resources was a cover for her mission.

 “What is my target in the battle of Jaisalmer after the matrimony with Chamunda at Jodhpur Taj?” I was wondering while sitting lonely in my room, late at night.

“The cheat and his henchmen” was the communication from the goddess in response to my worrisome inquiry.

I had a second visit to shrine at Osiyan while returning from Jaisalmer. Her message on the occasion was “I’m already with you; there was no need to visit Osiyan.”

It was not possible to locate the cheat and the henchmen for the goddess when I returned to Dehradun on December 26. But there was nothing to worry about the topic if she was with me. Persons against whom the Moon-goddess’ action was maturing on account of their   karmas belonged to a past known to her. I may not be in the picture at all, I thought. I could not know a past unless specific conditions related to an event mature.