Part – II

Ire of gods and sorrow of souls

Section 1: Punishments of goddesses

Goddess of Osiyan

Goddess versus goddess

ONGC had undertaken a hi-fi project of exploring deep groundwater in Rajasthan under Corporate Social Responsibility. There was no expertise in ONGC or even in India for the job to further the project of Subir Raha, C&MD. It drew a blank in four years in the name of progress; and, even Raha contributed in his share of correcting English of the progress report!

ONGC thought of availing my services for the work in 2005, and I joined the assignment on October 20 with a promise to release the location of three deepwater wells by January 31, 2006. My charges for the work will be rupees five hundred thousand per month, I demanded. The head of the project forwarded my terms before the corporate management in a week after my joining the work. I started my work without waiting for a formal contract of the job.

I met a medium of Chamunda on November 12 or 13 in a red dress from top to bottom. She was felt as associated with the coordinator of Rajasthan project. Purpose of her presence at Dehradun was hard to guess, although I saw a role played by her in the meeting of  the project during mid-November ’05. 

Releasing of well locations needed my short visit to Rajasthan for the fieldwork   in December ’05. I had only one constraint – a ritual of Hom on December 25 when sun turns to north.     My sojourn in the deserts of Rajasthan was for four or five days, and I wished to be back to Dehradun by 24th for the ritual of Solstice.  Date of the trip dragged, however. ONGC could not arrange plane tickets in time, and I had to move ultimately in a hired car starting from Dehradun on 20th, missing my Hom.

My house has no stairs leading to rooftop. There is a ramp with a moderate slope in place of stairs. My wife fell on the ramp under strange circumstances in the afternoon of 19th, hurting herself badly. I was aware of such falls triggered by Malun in 1989. This time Malun did not kick her; Swati had pulled her down instead. Swati was ever opposed to my success in life, I knew. Her target was aborting my trip to Rajasthan. My success of completing the field work in time would have led to submission of the report by   my company Attadhisthanam on January 31, 2006. My alien wanted to fail me in my mission of completing the job in time, and fail my promise to hand over the report on the last day of January 2006.

I was accustomed to such unexpected obstacles and harassments by my alien at other  crucial moments of life.

I had sensed presence of goddess Chamunda at Dehradun in mid-November.  Even though unaware of her mission and unable to guess my course of action in future in respect of Saraswati project of ONGC, I had sensed due to her presence that Swati  could be putting efforts to fail me. Hard  moments were before me to decide if I abandon the trip  and let  the deadline of my report slip for my badly injured wife, as Swati wanted; or, continue on my planned visit to Rajasthan to meet my goal letting my injured wife  suffer in pain till I’m back.

 Before me was a leopard goddess Swati smiling, hoping to see the tiger of the goddess of Osiyan in pain on account of his injured wife and chances of aborting his Hom in the temple of the roof top.  She expected the striped feline crawling before Swati parsina – goddess Swati on leopard throne. She expected me to stay at Dehradun and cancel my trip to Rajasthan.

I decided to be with my betrothed goddess. My injured wife was left behind in bad shape, hardly in a position to move. I also abandoned the idea of solstice Hom of December 25 while waiting for arrival of the car on the morning of December 20 to take me to Jodhpur – home of goddess Chamunda.