Part – I


Section 3: Volcano goddess on rampage

Killing saps and evading deaths

Fighting the malady

There is not a single individual that is free from possession of sprits or gods unless he reaches the state of Purush-above Prakriti; and, if someone chooses to fight against possession, it is a long drawn battle running in years,

 First and foremost requirement in a person fighting suicidal or depressive tendencies forced from within is a conviction that his desire to die is not prompted by living human self.  It is forced by scavenging spirits who are eating away his or her willpower and they alone are forcing upon him or her depressive or suicidal ideas due to saps. An individual has to build up will power to undertake stresses and strains in life sportingly. He may take up rigorous life for uplifting his soul, building manojav, and fight the alien spirits or, occasionally, even spirit clusters.