Part – I


Section 3: Volcano goddess on rampage

Killing saps and evading deaths

SAPS explained

Self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome  refers to an illness of psychic category affecting most men with high manojav, and characterized by a change from normal positive thinking happy state of personality  to negatively  thinking type due to command from within on account of possession by spirits, spirit clusters and gods. They are parasites, drawing and eating the manojav of the affected individual. Lack of manojav leads to   negative thinking and actions defying standard logical behavior. The ailing person, however, feels that negativities in  thinking are emanating from within; and, he or she is unable to exert control over them or stop them. Spirits or gods induce SAPS through the subconscious of a person when the manojav of the individual falls below a certain level.  The affected person hurts or harms himself first and ultimately his near and dear.  V.R. and his mother, Siva priest of Tapakeshvar, me and Sandeep are examples.