Part – I


Section 3: Volcano goddess on rampage

Killing saps and evading deaths


Suicide note of Sandeep Arora is helpful in understanding the mind of a person in the physical world vis a vis the command of the controlling spirit on his psyche to discard life.

 There are numerous bodiless active spirits and spirit-clusters or ‘guides’ under the command of dark gods around us controlling our minds. Consciousness of a possessed person is fully aware of the invisible psychic world at the time of death, hence the statement ‘higher world than this to understand’.  No person as such is powerful enough to make me take this step suggests that the person is discarding the physical body on account of self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome. Choosing the death is by his own choice, howsoever illogical the decision was.  Break free is a command; two star-like bodies figured after the command in his sketch indicate such a possibility. The duo-star is a psyche couple, like Malun and me or Swati and me. The female has commanded the male to discard the physical body as some of the ‘guides’ or possessing spirits  of the alter-world do (6), and Sandeep has acted under the force of command.

Sandeep recounts: I am with this thought for years, showing a slow progress by the possessing spirit in dragging him to death before 31.8.98.  He was resisting the idea of a forced departure from the physical world for a couple of years before he obeys to write: wanna break away. The female psyche had drawn his manojav and will power through a standard process known to spirits and practiced by them. It leads to dejection from the world-objects and inability of mind to involve in the physical world. It is called uchchatan or withdrawal from world. Sandeep sank into uchchatan and the healthy, hearty man slipped on the road of suicide on the command of his guide spirit.  

Only final few lines of the note reflect the stress on his mind in discarding the physical body. The last line of the note reflects grief when he writes: I have lived my life; had my share of happiness; it’s all over now. Command on his psyche was quite forcing, however; and his manojav was at rock bottom. The man was unable to resist the spirit’s order to end his life brutally. He talked to none about his plan of suicide during the months or years preceding the incidence because there was ‘no worldly cause’ or stress upon the person to hang himself.   He was under total control of the possessing spirit and succumbed to her command to do what she wanted. Self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome of Sandeep killed the man due to his ignorance about saps like men of our time. 

The active spirit of young man learnt about the other world very soon; and, discovered the miserable feeling of being bereft of a physical self after death. A worldly man becomes an active spirit routinely after suicide or murder, which behaves exactly like a living being. The computer engineer turned into a ghost, playing with my computer in the office room. Irregularity of computer’s operations haunted me for ten months till I left the house to move into my new home.

My doorbell also turned erratic after his death; not working usually, but ringing irregularly without a person. My trusted electrician of the laid down office worked for half a day to resolve the problem. He informed me after all his checks, “Sir, there is no electrical problem in the bell. Your problem is somewhere else.”

I understood his hint. He refrained from talking about the ghost, when he felt that the apparition  was around and may harass the electrician if the bell becomes alright due to his efforts and working too hard.