Part – I


Section 3: Volcano goddess on rampage

Killing saps and evading deaths

Nailing possession syndrome

I was a worried man on financial front during the first three months of  the year 2001. A District Court had decided a civil suit against me but I obtained a temporary stay on the execution of the judgment from the High Court of Allahabad.  Hearing of the case for continuation of the stay order was due on April 1, ’01. I was also facing a fabricated criminal charge upon me. My advocate had joined hands with my enemies and was going to ditch me surely in the criminal case as he did for the civil suite against me; and, unless the menacing advocate of Dehradun was ejected successfully from the criminal proceeding against us, I was bound to lose. If the both cases were decided against me, I had to spend rupees 700,000 as my liability. It was a large sum for me, because I was a retired person. Situation was really grave due to two suites upon me.

 Dismissal of my advocate from the criminal case was over without serious problems in March. The High Court delivered its judgment in my favor on April 1, and the stay order was extended for a long future. Conditions turned congenial and I was a worriless man in April 2001.

Soon, to my surprise, a curious phenomenon of saps hit me through my unconscious or subconscious mind. A factually false self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome hit me overriding my conscious self, which was totally illogical. Saps projected my total bankruptcy and broken financial state in near future. My mind would imagine situations and conditions when I have turned penniless and sunk into all kinds of negative situations after running under a deep debt. My mind was renewing the imposed and forced thinking every morning with added strength after I woke up; saps was being pumped into my head during my sleep, I noted. It was very hard to get rid of the harrowing and haranguing effect of such an imposed thinking upon me. Saps had worked forcefully and its impact penetrated my mind   like the negative images of Vishnu. His projections were like story items and Swati’s force would convince my hrit. Money matters and Vishnu differed in their basic tenets, however. Money was accountable on paper and amenable to logical conclusions.


Logic versus commanding force of possession


A bank manager gave me a simple formula at my superannuation about my income and capital for a respectable living as a retired person. A house of my own was with me and no other liability was upon my wife and me. An income of five figures was enough for our sustenance, he had said; and, liquid cash over million rupees assured our survival through   problems of health. There was nothing to worry me about the problems of cash or money since I was above the level of the minimum requirement suggested by my friend. Formula was holding good for nearly three past years before the sudden change of mind hitting me in April ’01.


 Logically, I had nothing to think about my finances, cash or money. The tragedy of the situation, however, lay in my mind; and, my logic was failing to help my saps and depression induced by it. I could not stop projections about situations of my dwindling   funds; and, any amount of logic to counter the negative thinking of the mind was proving futile. Commanding force of my alien Swati, running self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome upon me, was far greater than the strength of my logic. It was not logic that could free me from depression. I required manojav; and, I was too low in the substance in 2001.


 Maneuvering through medium


 It was perceptible to me that Swati is using my wife as medium for forcing her saps upon me. I told my wife about it but our discussion added nothing positive to solve the crisis. Indeed she was not even aware about my financial position. She is a nice housewife and had never talked to me about money except for small sums for household. My alien was using her subconscious faculty to harass me; and, the lady could do nothing to counter the situation. No one has control over his or her  subconscious harboring a parasitic commanding spirit or goddess.  Power of my harassing enemy lay beyond my strength to drive it out from my wife; nor, I could undertake rituals for her destruction. There was a major hitch in the rituals. Fire goddess Swati was my alien goddess; and, my rituals to drive her out were based on god Fire. There was a strong possibility that invocation of god Fire would not work against fire goddess Swati. 


I thought and planned for overpowering my alien through another route – the route of hrit. Hrit is an invisible psychic heart on the right side of the chest   in the mirror image position of the physical heart. It is a storehouse of conscious information and command as also an organ controlling the subconscious operations of a parching alien goddess or spirit. My wife will not respond if the conscious information stored in the hrit from the sense-organ and logic of my wife counters successfully the subconscious force upon her mind from Swati, I speculated.


On July 5, ’01 I was in a bank with rupees 300,000. I put it in fixed deposits jointly with my wife, which was staggered for a specific income every year for our happy sustenance besides the money already available to us every month. There was plenty of conviction in the educated conscious mind of my wife that there is no chance of our running out of money. My alien was defeated, and   I got rid of saps imposed by Swati.


Swati and associated spirits kept me miserable for three months between April and June 2001 when I was fighting inescapable but imaginary problems due to their force on my head. Since saps originates in the hrit of a person, it appears essentially as a thinking of the own self. I remained a helpless and miserable man, suffering from turning into a pauper in near future and none could stop it.


Even with full knowledge that I was under the trap of Swati and forced to think and live through unnecessary negative day dreams, I dragged for three long months to counter them. Most people die of saps helplessly unable to understand the phenomenon and problems caused by   parasitic spirits or avenging gods parching on them. A suicide case is here.