Part – I


Section 3: Volcano goddess on rampage

Siva and Vishnu under attack

Swati takes on Vishnu

Manusmriti has a verse: a single hole in the pitcher drains all its water out; similarly a single weakness of a man drains his strength.  There are three main holes in a person to drain his manojav: conjugal interaction, speech and exerting commands. First of the three is most important but remained helplessness for me after Swati had occupied me along with Lonkha since 1989. She was always in a position to command my hrit or mind ever since her occupation. I was trying to resist her commands by logic and manojav drawn from rivals or enemies when I was working as a research scientist at Dehradun.

My joining new assignment at Mumbai forced me to speak too much due to every day meetings at Mumbai or New Delhi. It was equally compelling   to exert on a thousand officers and staff for completing projects and programs in time. My organization rated me as a successful manager but I was paying the price of success heavily from my kitty of manojav. My only hope to come out of the dark days of Mumbai early was its short duration – 18 months – till my retirement in February ’98.  In the situation, I was no better than a lamp low in oil but supporting three high flames simultaneously – having sexual interaction with the mediums of Swati, chatter in the office and meetings, and exert on the officers and staff for efficient functioning.  Oil of manojav was depleting fast in me, but I was keeping a brave face.

Swati knew, and I feared that I will hardly be left with any manojav at the end of my assignment at Mumbai. I did not stay even a day in the town after my job was over. Sadly, however, I was a finished man while boarding my plane at Mumbai Airport for Dehradun. I had survived as a living person but my hrit slipped under the total command of my alien. I could think only what she wanted me to think under fifth state of her possession, and was her easy prey moving fast towards self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome. There was a catch beyond my imagination those days. Swati was operating upon me Buddhist Tantra – atypical and unimaginably abstruse to grasp for any one conditioned to think about the subject conventionally. It kept eating my manojav fast, unnoticed for years.

I learnt rather early at Dehradun that Swati could drive my mind to a completely switched off mode on occasions during recitation of Mantras in rituals, and play havoc with figures or words while writing or typing.  My mind was not able to disobey her quick and short commands, nor could it help situations of remorse due to occasional blunders on this count. Such a condition of my mind lasted till mid-2007. In an important communication dated 16.12.’06, addressed to Mr. S. R. Sharma, C&MD, ONGC, I typed 20.11.’05 in place of 20.10.’05, and Oct. /Nov. 2005 were spelt as Oct. /Nov. 1995.  I was extremely unhappy for the blunder after I had dispatched the letter; and, she agitated my mind to the extent of a humiliating apology that followed in another letter of 1.1.07. The alien goddess was a thorny gunk sticking to my head for long twenty years. Worst conditions in my possession commenced during 1998, and lasted till 2006. I was struggling and fighting her logically, however, even knowing fully about my status before her. 

Possessing spirits drive nonbelievers to self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome very easily and they choose a simple course of action for them – suicide. Their minds succumb to spirit’s command due to fast drained down manojav turning them into cattle or pet animals obeying owner’s command. An atheist Sandeep died under saps due to his alien spirit (p. 114).

 Possessing spirits and dark gods target main deity of a possessed faithful person worshipping a luminous god. They choke the energy of emotional force of manojav available to the victim from his or her deity. Worshiping people are subject to such an operation for one reason: they are not atheist or nonbelievers who live without any protection. Their gods protect them against attack of alien spirits and gods.