Part – I


Section 3: Volcano goddess on rampage

Siva and Vishnu under attack

Display of power in Siva temple

Destroying powers of women are known since ages and any male interacting with a female has only one end – fall.  Everyone falls before a smiling dame under her psychic command and invading force of breasts. Love is first state of fall; second is marriage; third is inability to say ‘no madam’; and, fourth is reconciled status of henpecked husband. These four constitute the steps even in feminine Tantra; and, goddess Swati wished    and was determined to subjugate me to the extent of my total control in the fourth state through her mediums. A female spirit’s final subjugation of a man’s mind goes even a step further. She drives her victim ultimately to his suicide through saps – an acronym for self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome.

 Since Tantra is a manifestation of the psychic self and physical body does not run it, a female active spirit or goddess is as much capable of inducing the five destructive steps of Tantra as a living individual when a man falls under her possession. How quickly and how fast a victim reaches the final stage depends upon two factors: power of the spirit or goddess, and the opposing strength or manojav in the person under attack. Swati’s strength of command was formidable and beyond challenge for any living person. As evident from my books reaching Bangalore instead of their destination Bombay, Swati needed barely a few minutes for possessing and executing quick and short commands. Implementing Malun’s desire of making me seated by the side of a teenager in a flight from Kolkata to Delhi came within minutes through a commanding spirit on the head of the desk officer for the flight. Godly spirits take hardly any time to possess and drive the possessed to carry out an act.

Swati demonstrated to me her power to punish the worshiping men of Hindu deities in 1993 by possessing and torturing a priest of the Siva temple visited infrequently by me. Her action was like that of Mahmud Ghazni – denigrating the deity before his priests. An old priest of Siva temple of Dehradun sank into saps, I believe, on account of Swati’s anger upon Siva. The case is below.

Dehradun has a cave shrine of god Siva, named Tapakeshvar. I knew the priest of the temple since 1971. He was a person from East Bengal, now Bangladesh, and would attend to my worship whenever I visited the shrine. My visits to the temple were more frequent since 1989 to the unhappiness of my alien goddess who was opposed to rituals for me by the priest in Siva temple because of my survival due to Tantra ritual for me in Siva temple of Sibsagar in ‘88.

Once I visited the temple with a young colleague in the noon of summer 1993. There was none in the temple except the priest, sitting lonely on a cot in a corner. He did not get up from the cot for my ritual. I smelt a rat, and I completed it myself before sending the young man out of the temple. I knew my young friend was feeling unhappy at my unusual order to send him out leaving me alone in the temple.

I went to the priest after the young man was out. I was shaken while talking to the priest. He was no more a devotee of Siva or Kali. He had all accusations against the two deities for his problems and woes.

 Swati could demonstrate that her writ runs unchallenged even on the priest of the Siva temple who was devoted to him for over fifty years. She had not only possessed the priest but also driven him to the final state of masculine surrender under saps. The priest wrote off Shiva on the command of Swati unmindful of a half century of his dedicated worship of the god. The goddess had sunk him successfully deep into self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome.

I came out of the temple with a sad heart because I could do nothing in the case. Priest of the temple was a soldier of righteousness in my assessment, living with dignity of a respected devotee of Siva all life. She demonstrated to me her power of possessing and commanding the men around me often. They were common worldly men, anyway. Manojav in such people is low. The priest was an ascetic, spending his whole life as a celibate person. Even priest’s manojav could not stand the command pressure of Swati.

 The person did not live long after my visit in 1993, embracing death as a fallen soldier of Siva struck down by my alien Swati. I recounted of the passages from the novel of Rider Haggard titled ‘She’. The character is just like Swati. Her command must be obeyed was her dictum. If anyone tried to overrule, her punishment was clear and unambiguous. He or she had to die.

In the present case, Siva’s priest had done nothing wrong by himself. He was merely conducting rituals for me in Tapakeshvar Temple. My alien Swati had picked him up merely to demonstrate her potential to kill anyone at her choosing if he comes to my help. It did not matter for her if the person is a priest of a powerful god like Siva. Every soul was amenable to punishment of Swati so long it bore a human body. Her anger and bitterness towards me was extreme. I had kept living a bit too long in her opinion defying  her flames of anger.

 Siva of Sibsagar had saved me from my alien through worship by a Tantra-ritual by the priest of the temple in Assam. Swati was taking away the life of another priest of the same deity at Dehradun in lieu of the life-saving ritual of Assam for me.  The priest of Dehradun did not know ABCD of Tantra to save himself from her.

The deity in Tapakeshvar Temple was the witness of the rampage of the Turkish volcano goddess in twentieth century as Siva was for Mahmud Ghazni at Somnath long ago. Swati did not know that she must pay rather soon a price for her misadventure before Siva. I too had no idea if there could be a day when Siva would dress down the goddess cloaked under invincible Buddhist Tantra.

The goddess wished to communicate to me about my own end on the lines of the priest through self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome. It was a different matter that my mind did not heed to her threats to respond in fear. There is an advantage of being a Hindu. We know that destiny cannot be altered; and, losses, gains, life and death are a part of destiny. Also, Hindus treat death merely as a momentary stop in the long journey of soul.   Soul acquires a new body after its old one is gone. Threats of Swati did not cut much ice with me.