Part – I


Section 3: Volcano goddess on rampage

Technology trounces possession

Kamakhya accessible

Sex is essentially psychic in man although its manifestations look physical. An active spirit under command of Swati was on my head after I visited Catal Hoyuk in 1995. She represented goddess Swati as Malun deputized for Lonkha; and, the goddess of Middle East played the same game to drive me mad in sex at Mumbai as did Malun-Lonkha combination in 89. I had an advantage by this time. I could govern movement of consciousness in the channels of my psyche by this time; and, could carry out required maneuvers to keep myself less passionate.

 Most important source of psychic energy for the purpose of sexual transaction between a conjugant pair is a pair of calf muscles in our two legs. During physical exercise, I could draw psychic energy from adult males around me and also from the male rivals using these muscles. The collected energy is stored temporarily in head and hrit before moving down to calf muscles again. The energy keeps a person in potent state when the head and hrit remain fully charged. How many conjugations a male runs is immaterial if the inflow of energy in the legs continues; and, the power of Tantra remains intact for moving the psychic energy between the self and the conjugant female. My position against Swati remained unchallenged up to spring of ’97.

In summer ’97 there was a clotting of blood in the calf muscles of both my legs and they swelled like balloons. My physical exercise came to end, and either I was on bed rest or looking after the office work from home. Doctor assessed about 5% risk to my life due to movement of a blood clot to my heart.

 I was less worried about my death, but my potential to draw psychic energy from the men around and envious persons reached zero on account of Swati’s Tantra turning my leg muscled ineffective.  I could not take physical exercise any more, and I could not draw energy from others. She was pushing me to impotence. My situation could not change soon. Months were needed for my recovery on the psychic plane. Worry of becoming impotent and losing in the battle against Swati looked certain. Swati, parching on the alien active spirit of Catal Hoyuk, wanted to drive me to complete demoralization and push my mind for suicide under saps. Possibility of her success was high, I visualized.  But Swati lacked an important asset – luck.

One of my General Managers, K. K., informed that he was going to Guwahati. He asked if I wanted him to do something in the town. He was expecting my request for some handicraft; but, I needed something else: a bottle of water from the vagina of Goddess Kamakhya. Luck was with me and technology was for my help. I could not have imagined reaching the shrine of Kamakhya three thousand kilometers away on foot with my swollen legs. But air travel had killed my disability.

 K. K. obliged me.  Swati ran out of luck when the water arrived. I could sink the breast-powered Tantra of the alien goddess in the vaginal waters of Kamakhya.  Breast is the secondary organ of sex in a female; primary is vagina. Swati is breast goddess. Kamakhya represents vagina. Swati slumped before Kamakhya.

I got enough time for psychic recovery from the disability of the clogged veins and swollen legs. ‘A cat has nine lives and an eagle has ten’ says the idiom. It does not talk of luck. This time it was purely a game of luck, and I won. The cat was licking its feet in shame. I did not fight with her, she knew. Kamakhya robbed away her plans.