Part – I


Section 3: Volcano goddess on rampage

Technology trounces possession

Technology defeats possession

I wrote an unconventional book – Science of Consciousness – after working for nearly ten years. The book traces the evolution of consciousness in the living beings commencing with the first life on the earth till the evolution of man. It takes into account the changes in the human mind during the last fifty thousand years in greater detail besides discussing emergence of religions, cultures and enslavement of the man’s mind in social setup. Lastly there are  photographs to demonstrate that space-time as we perceive are illusions because freak photographs of the past time-frames of 70 million years and 3700 years ago were snapped by me showing a frog in a lake and a man on a primitive chariot. Additionally there are photographs of components of soul.

Ten years of painstaking research, 225 pages of documentation with dozens of illustrations have gone into the making of ‘Science of Consciousness’, which was ready in June ’97. I planned its releasing in prestigious Nehru Science Center of Mumbai on the suggestion of my friend Dr. Lalitha Vaidyanathan of Press Trust of India.  Date for the inauguration was 27th June ’97.

My preparations for the inauguration were meticulous. This included arrival of twenty copies of the book on June 26 form Dehradun with my wife.

An officer of mine was at Dehradun. He accompanied my wife to Delhi along with the books. As per my instructions she had five copies of the book for her cabin baggage; the remaining was in a packet   to be booked along with her unaccompanied baggage. The plane had taken off from Delhi in the evening on time. I Received her at the Mumbai Airport. She had brought for me a sleepless and agonizing night instead of packet of books for the inauguration.

Unaccompanied baggage of my wife had been loaded somehow in a flight to Bangalore, informed the Indian Airlines. It did not reach Bombay.    At half past nine on the night of June 26, I had not even a single copy of the Science of Consciousness; and, the book-releasing function was at 5 in the evening on the day next.

The officer accompanying my wife had taken the books away from my wife, in spite of her insistence that she must carry them herself as cabin baggage. He had assured my wife to do exactly the same what she wanted while putting the books in his briefcase. He was carrying them as his cabin baggage, he informed my wife. He booked his briefcase too with the other unaccompanied baggage of the flight in a last minute decision, however.

 I was doomed. Swati had a moment of triumph while I was struggling with the trauma of an unexpected situation.

 It was not difficult to reconstruct what Swati had done.  She possessed and commanded the accompanying officer to take away my wife’s personal luggage, posing to   help her because the books were bulky. On a second and sudden command the goddess got his brief case placed with the other unaccompanied baggage, moving fast on the conveyor belt to be loaded in the flight.  Even if the luggage-tags indicated their destination as Bombay, a porter under her possession and command diverted them to Bangalore. Net result was that I had no books twenty hours before the inaugural function of my book.

Swati had demonstrated her power and maneuvering potential through possession and psychic commands. I had fallen flat before her on the evening of June 26. I was going to be a laughing stock at my function, she insured. The situation reminded me of a similar disruption in the reception party for the wedding of my first son when the bride turned mad and I had to send her home at Meerut.

At 10 in the night, I rang a trusted officer of mine  at Dehradun; narrated what had befallen; and, instructed him to follow a specific course of action so that another twenty copies reach Bombay by midday of June 27. He had to collect the keys of my residence at Dehradun from an officer; pack another twenty copies of the book; and, then proceed to New Delhi in a Taxi, He had to board the 11 O’clock flight of June 27 and reach Bombay by Lunch.

The officer departed from my residence at 11in night. Past midnight, there was another telephone from him from Dehradun, “Taxi-stand is closed; and, there is no taxi for Delhi. There is a Taxi for Meerut, however.”

“Continue up to Meerut, change your Taxi and reach Delhi Airport,” I instructed.

He contacted me from Delhi next forenoon. There was no seat in the flight of 11 O’clock. But the desk officer had agreed to send the packet by the same flight after learning the story of a fault by Indian Airlines and urgency of situation. Indian Airlines flight had already departed with the packet a short while ago, he informed me.

Function for releasing the book started and concluded on time as scheduled.

Technology in the last decade of the Twentieth Century defeated the psychic maneuvers of goddess Swati.  She was capable of using my wife and others as her mediums to disrupt my function and turn me tense for 12 hours, but persons at my command and fast moving carriers failed her to have her last laugh.