Part – I


Section 3: Volcano goddess on rampage

Technology trounces possession

Your shield is blasted

We focus on objects of hope when calamities and disasters stare at us.  Urvi was my hope at Bombay in my attrition against Swati. The girl had worked with me at Dehradun once; and, to my luck she was at Mumbai, I discovered after reaching there. Urvi and I had a relationship, which could act as a shield against Tantra of Swati. She was my second wife even without physical contact. In the rule of Tantra, only one female remains cleaving in conjugal mode with a person.  I hoped that the girl possessed sufficient strength to remain stuck to me frontally; and, that she has potential to bar the mediums of Swati to take her position. I was safe from the attack of my alien in such a situation.  Unless Swati gathered power and strength to break our bond, she could not cleave with me.

Urvi was once a model before me for carving the statue of goddess Parvati some 900 years ago. She died in a suicide. Her active spirit stuck to me when I visited my sculpted idol in a small town deep in Himalayas.  My wife had seen a semi-dead Urvi lying on the riverbed in her vision of 1994. She consented to give her body to the active spirit of Urvi out of pity for the consummation of the past love of my model (1). Thus, Urvi was my second wife since 1994, and our consummation was not yet complete.

 I was very hopeful that I would survive the attack of Swati at Mumbai shielded by Urvi. My only worry was her running into fire some day, and meeting a fiery end. I cautioned the girl to be careful from such eventualities in future.

Urvi did not die of fire. Swati had another way to blast my shield.

Swati carried out a maneuver on her minds through V. B. as she had done for me in connection with the blue moon dinner.  A day awaited in our office when Urvi’s status was eroded   and she sank in grief. I took her to Mahalaxmi temple in the evening and was trying to console her to lift her morale. She had broken down psychically, however. Her manojav had lost strength to remain sticking to me as my shield and fight Swati subconsciously.

Swati managed a crushing of the girl’s manojav. She communicated the collapse of Urvi same night with a laugh “Your shield is blasted.”

The goddess took command of my system as a wife with full and uninhibited force. She had two objectives: drive me to impotence; and, drain my psychic energy to the extent of my committing   suicide due to self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome.