Plans for future

Tragic story authored by Swati for tormenting the present life of Mandan did not end at Mumbai with the cremation of my daughter-in-law. She indicated that her activity will continue in full swing even at Dehradun while I was preparing to return from Mumbai in March ’06.  

Children of my daughter-in-law came to stay with me at Dehradun on the first day of April ’06. Her five years old son, participating with me for her last rites, came running in my room to inform about a dog in the compound of my house a month after their arrival. He had seen a big black dog running over the car passage of the house before getting into my garage.  I rushed to drive the dog out of the compound.  

Gate of my residence was closed; there was no trace of a dog in the compound of the house   and garage. The child had seen merely a vision, an ominous one. It related to death. Was it my turn now after the daughter-in-law? I wondered.

My wife’s vision of   January 25 ’06 disturbed us considerably after the ominous vision of my grandson. On the day of her vision, I was sitting in the backyard of my home basking in sun. My wife saw a tall charred skeletal figure behind me. It was a vision six days ahead of the terminal breath of my daughter-in-law.

 Did Swati convey my fast approaching end by the vision of my grandson through ominous entry of black dog in garage?

I would ask my wife quite often “What is this hooded and charred object of your vision, a male or female?”

Her reply was constant “It is a tall charred figure of a humanoid skeleton-like body; I don’t know whether it is female or male.”

Only on one occasion of late night she informed me that the scaring object has a pair of cat-like shining eyes. The fearsome object scared her strongly initially; but, she gathered courage and strength to face the apparition boldly after a few weeks.

  I never saw the object of her vision, but guessed it to be an insignia of goddess Swati. It was appearing to convey impending disaster before us in near future, I guessed.