Insult of Kali?

Swati had brought me a major, irreparable and humbling defeat in our fight beginning at Isamati. It matched with  my triumphant victory of killing the active spirit of Malun and turning her two goddesses bereft of a base  on account of my operation  in hotel  Hansplaza in January ’90.

Swati’s anger was severe on our goddess Kali because the goddess had robbed off the medium 29C from Malun in April ’89 when the two goddesses were parching on her. We gave a scarf of Kali to the second wife of our son for her protection. The fiery goddess volcano burnt the scarf of Kali first in mid-’05; and, then, the daughter-in-law in January ‘06.

Revenge of Turkish goddess, running Buddhism in India when Mandan was alive, was complete on the arrogant Vedic ritualistic of those days. Mandan finished Swati and her religion in India. She dismembered and destroyed the family of Mandan in his present life after 1200 years to shatter his mind.