Marriage for machinations

Second son of mine was running marriage fever in ’91 after falling in love with a Gujarati girl of Surat. Once I had received a phone from the girl while she was trying to contact my son. There was something wrong with her psychic self, I had inferred after the telephone.  When I analyzed the incidence a few years later, my problem relating to psychic   communication at the telephone contact stood unearthed.  Fiancé of my son was working for my unhappiness prompted by goddess Swati since I had visited Surat in 1989. I did not meet her then, but seen her photographs.

  My wife and I were worried about the impact of cultural level on the mindset of our likely daughter-in-law from a lowly educated lower stratum family of Gujarat.  We expected her behavior to be not very congenial. Girl’s parents were pretending to be opposed to the marriage in their own interest seeing financial benefits if their daughter earned her husband without involvement of her parents. The boy and girl were driving in the love lane for long right under their nose before reaching the destination of matrimony.

My son and his fiancé had their marriage in a court of Surat in ’92, and landed at our residence in Dehradun shortly after the event. The bride reached us in plain clothes, posing abandonment of her own family without picking up any thing from her parents.

Our son, who was educated in Surat and domesticated by his fiancé family prior to his marriage, drew plans to abandon us and settle in Surat soon after reaching Dehradun.  The couple worked on their plan secretly. They informed us about their wish a few days before the departure in August ’93.

My wife was quite distressed at the cunningness shown by the   couple.  They had planned the whole operation with absolute secrecy and acted upon it with zero integrity towards us. I thought of talking about the matter with my son when he informed us of going away. But my wife was firm, “Let them leave us earliest if they want; I cannot ask them to stay with us after their lowly act.”

 They left us never to return.

Swati was happy and successful in dismembering my family through her new medium to make me unhappy.  The goddess did succeed in sending away our son with her medium but her plans to give us lasting unhappiness failed. Our wounds of hurt healed rather fast. We needed nothing from our children for our support and sustenance; and, loved and enjoyed life of isolation. Departure of the second son with his wife created neither a lasting vacuum nor a prolonged stress upon us.