Where’s the matchbox?

Marriage of children is final obligation of Indian parents towards progeny. People known to each other arrange such marriages usually with the consent of boy and girl. My elder son rejected the idea of picking a girl from my acquaintances when I thought about his marriage in 1990. An advertisement fixed his marriage, and the boy and girl had interacted before engagement to understand each other for judging their temperaments. The bride from Meerut, two hundred kilometers away from Dehradun, was in my home on June 21’ ’91.

 Younger brother of the son told his mother after two days that the marriage remains unconsummated. There was resistance from the bride. The couple went to a nearby hill-station for honeymoon, but the result remained the same when they were back on June 26.

I was talking to the bride in a lonely room in the evening. She caught my wrist maddened with passion and her eyes closed.  Goddess volcano has hit and knocked me down, I realized. I had won over the passion inducing potential of Lonkha while sharing the seat with a teenager in the bus to Chandigarh. I was unaware and unmindful about the other goddess associated with the Buddhist queen, operating in Dehradun through an independent medium.

 Malun was out after my operation of Tantra in Hotel Hansplaza. Goddess volcano or Swati remained unaffected, seemingly. She was the force guiding the two families for fixing the marriage – both   under her possession.  She had forced the mind of my son to choose a schizophrenic girl as his bride. It came to my notice later that the girl was mentally abnormal for several years before wedding, and her psychiatrist was against the marriage.

  Swati had caught my hand possessing my daughter-in-law and turning her passionate. Her threat to wreak me had materialized, I realized. She has seen that marriage of my son remains unconsummated during a week; and, it turned out to be a case, which would never take a positive turn due to schizophrenic bride. Swati was in the possession of an already schizophrenic girl, weak in manojav. The bride could never be normal so long she remained under the possession of goddess. I had to reconcile that marriage turned into a wreck in revenge of Swati; and, I could do nothing to improve the situation.

Goddess volcano at the base of Buddhism has scored a victory over the Vedic rites and rituals performed during the marriage of the bride and my son. She demonstrated that she could rubbish the rituals. Their force for joining the opposite sex for reproduction and householder’s life doesn’t work, if she so commands. By possessing and commanding the virgin girl the goddess could refuse my son his access to the bride. Not only that, the goddess could switch on the passion in the girl to madden her for holding the hand of her father-in-law for his shame.  My daughter-in-law was unable to understand the indecency of her unbecoming act due to possession.

Swati achieved her target of denigrating the much harped supremacy of the Vedic cult by Sankar-Mandan duo during their visit of Kamrup.  Also, goddess volcano avenged killing of Malun by Mandan through Abhichar – a Vedic ritual.

My alien goddess played the worst scene in the drama of my humiliation during the night of June 26. My daughter-in-law pushed her husband out of the room and bolted the door from inside. She made a heap of their newly purchased clothes and was crying “Oh, where did I keep the matchbox?”

The matches and candle of the room were somehow misplaced; and, she was unable to get them. Intension of her possessing goddess was to set the room ablaze and immolate the virgin bride. Her wish was not materializing and she was driving the newly married girl mad. The bride hit and broke the windowpanes in maddened anger. My wife persuaded her to open the bolted door with much effort, promising that she would not to be disturbed any more in future.

First bride of my family had gone mad. Swati played the same trick with the newly married bride of my family as she had done two years ago with the old mother of V. R. Killers of Malun were under punishment of goddess of volcano in the two tragedies perpetrated by her. 

V. R. called a psychiatrist next morning.  The doctor examined my daughter-in-law and advised that the girl be sent to her parents. I drove her home in my car for the care of her widow mother.

 We had narrowly escaped a heinous criminal charge of bride burning under the Indian Penal Code. The whole family would have been in police custody on the morning of June 27 had my wife not succeeded in persuading the bride to open the door on the night of 26/27.  It was hard to digest and reconcile with the reality of a harrowing tragedy with us, breaking down my wife mentally for long.

I learnt from the psychiatrist treating my daughter-in-law before her marriage that she was not a marriageable individual. Her mother did not take the advice of the doctor and married the daughter with my son in her greed to get away from an ailing daughter.

 Mother’s explanation for duping us in the marriage was foolish. “I did not wish to lose good people like you,” she wrote in July ‘91. Her elder son had advised her for briefing us about the mental health of her daughter before marriage. The mother did not heed her son.  Swati would not let her do that to keep her promise of wrecking me.

 I had disabled Malun and her goddesses during my operation of Hotel Hansplaza in January ’90. Both the goddesses were disabled to join and tie me up in their conjugal contact.  One of the two deities parching over Malun was deeply hurt, much angered, and threatened for retaliatory revenge. Swati did exactly same to my son in revenge by possessing my daughter-in-law and commanding her to deny him conjugal rights of a husband. The impassioned goddess held my hands through her medium in the evening of June 26 to tease me and make me feel jittery at her act.

My elder son’s marriage ended without consummation.