Section 2: Live and let live

Perceptions and retrospections


I love you too

I completed the job that Malun wanted me to do in 1996 after 11 years. Guplong lived as an active spirit hovering over me with goddess volcano, but the formulation available from Malun helped me to shatter his Tantra-formula and annul it. Guplong was a female when ‘he’ started ‘his’ maiden journey in Tantra with force and ‘his’ soul accelerated its power by attaching several females in lesbian mode for ‘his’ breast-power to control and possess male minds. She was a priestess of goddess volcano in Turkey those days.  Later, this Tantrist used a masculine body with a feminine support from goddess volcano and her mediums to possess even the most powerful mind among men. This is the picture from Buddha through Nehru. Buddha delivered his first sermon of Tantra in Vaishali; and, the then Town Whore, base-medium of goddess volcano, mobilized minds to accept and help spread Buddhism. 

Malun’s assignment consumed very many years of my life. I put all possible efforts to ‘kill Guplong’ to the extent possible for me.  It was over in 2007, anyway. On the night of July 16, ’07, I was sitting with leisure. I had nothing more to do for queen Malun in respect of her traitor. Her new body was only few months short of 15 years on this date.

I smiled at my beautiful murderer in a black robe standing with a dagger in her hand, and I sitting in a kneeled down position in front of her in the paddy field of Isamati on January 16, 1989.  I repeated a couplet sung by famous ghazal singer Mehdi Hasan, “Lovers won’t fall in number, only I will be missing in your gathering.” 

Malun’s new psyche also had a sentence in reciprocation “I love you too.” 18 years and 6 months was the span between a hateful queen and a loving new life of Malun.

 Invisible remains the world of souls and spirits, but it made me to live a hell in the visible world too due to a blunder in my judgment while choosing between right and wrong actions when Malun lived. My karmas fixed my suffering then and there 1200 years ago. I robbed her life and she let me live like a half dead for nearly two decades when the chapter of her hatred closed.