Section 2: Live and let live

Perceptions and retrospections


New demand of active-spirit-self

 I saw Malun as a baby running in my drawing room when she was four. I caught her by hand while playing with the child. There was a surprise. The girl stopped and blushed in shame. She was no more a child that moment. Her look was of a new bride – Malun unified with Lonkha. There was a demand too by the new bride “Kill Guplong.”

I was a bit surprised. I thought that chapter of Malun closed with the arrival of her active-spirit-self in 1992. I killed Malun and she now has her new life, playing with me. I don’t have any grudge against Guplong. Coward and ungrateful Guplong dodged me but killed his queen. He had not harmed me; and, there was no reason why I take action against him. Sankar’s account with the timid was already over when he finished one of his next lives through another Abhichar. Where do I come in the picture now?

Spirit of Malun was controlling even the new life and could continue to do so till 15 or 16 years of age when the ego of the new body takes over, I thought. But more than the spirit of Malun, Lonkha was behind the command for a tall order, I felt.  Malun could not know that Guplong was merely a bead in the rosary of reincarnations between Tritana, Buddha and Jawaharlal Nehru covering a span of over 8000 years. An Abhichar may kill a living person representing the soul of Guplong in the present life, as I killed her once and ritualistic men finished Jawaharlal in 1964. Both of them turned into active spirits, however. This is not the end of the affair; and, Malun as well as Lonkha know it too. A person as an active spirit becomes another menace, as was Guplong of those days on my head. Buddhist Tantra is most complex, and I cannot eliminate Guplong so easily since he was an ace Tantrist during several of his past lives.

What Lonkha communicated through Malun was elimination of power of a godlike Tantrist person from his root as Buddha to shoot like Jawaharlal. She did not know his background as Tritana of Catal Hoyuk. Reason for her desire was also obvious. She was goddess of matrimony and Buddha was matrimony hacker.

Actions for complex requirements of Lonkha not only needed power to deal with the Tantrist but also specific actions to smash the steps in Tantra-formula of a Tantrist. Examples of some of the formulations are carved in the exotic statues of Khajuraho. For example, in one of the carvings a woman is suckling a ram with her breast while a man has his penis in the anus of the ram. The carving shows a Tantrist’s method of gathering his food of consciousness from his victim and destroying or killing him.   It also suggests the first course of action if one wants to destroy the man in the figure – a great Tantrist like Buddha or Guplong. Methods destroying great Tantrists are complex and cannot be completed in a day or two. They take years for different maneuvers and operations.

I felt Guplong’s self in the present partially. Jawaharlal’s principal self was available to me psychically but whereabouts of the active-spirit-self the man was unknown when Malun asked to finish him. Further, even goddess Lonkha did not know that the base of the Tantra of the man is far older – days when goddess volcano ruled Turkey. I only had understood and knew that Buddhist Tantra is feminine and supreme in possessing and controlling human minds; and, the psyche of Jawaharlal operated it during his life time. ‘The man was running love affair with the wife of Mountbatten in night and negotiating the freedom of India with him during the day’ was a vulgar joke before Jawaharlal died. The husband could not say a word to the immoral man about his actions due to possession and control of his mind. Sardar Patel was more competent to run free India in most Indian minds but possessed mind of Gandhi had his decision against the think-tank. A recent evaluation by marks scored by the Patel (= 8) and Jawaharlal (= 2) validates the fact half a century later (8).

 Terrible are control-command mechanisms in demonic whore-homosexual system of Buddhist Tantra. A Buddhist Tantrist pair would possess and disable any human mind, it is my realization. Worst, Tantra belonging to dark gods and run by subconscious self; and, I spent 13 years fighting cited Tantrist formula of Khajuraho and its master – a scientist wholly unaware of Tantra in present life. So was Jawaharlal. His subconscious commanded by goddess Tritana  and goddess Swati controlled his conscious self.

Malun made a point clear to me through her wish: she hated Guplong and her hatred for the goddess of volcano too was in no way less. Buddhist Guplong and his goddess volcano were riding over the queen due to possession of her mind by Guplong. In the new body of Malun, her spirit as also her native goddess Lonkha wanted to avenge the past treachery by Guplong – a deceitful Tantrist supported by Amrapali.