Section 2: Live and let live


You’ve earned your wages


You’ve earned your wages

Second marriage anniversary of Malun and mine was on January 17 ’91. Malun had above 200 contacts with me for consummation of her marriage through Tantra. I was happy on the day for spending 730 days    alive and defying the desire of my three adversaries: Malun, Lonkha and volcano goddess.   Besides, I was physically fit and potent to continue in conjugal attrition against them. It was much to the credit of my agitated rivals and enemies in the office whose consciousness was picked up by me when their psyches contacted me with a desire to rub me. The process was spontaneous and innate without any effort from me.  Energy was reaching me from these excited humans through their psyches because I was cool like a spirit. I remembered Malun’s identification of mine as a spirit on Guwahati airport two years ago.

Within a week of the event above, I was sitting late at night in a room of Hotel Hansplaza of New Delhi brooding over the problem of my enslavement by the goddesses parching on Malun. The spirit contacted me for conjugal interaction suddenly close to midnight. Almost three months were over after my rituals against Malun, and her force was weak.

I have a chance of annihilating the sex-power of the conjugant partner Malun through the process of Tantra, I thought. Operation is very simple theoretically: when a male and female tie in the act of conjugation the male organ enters physically into that of conjugant female; accompanying it is an invisible joining of male and female anuses psychically. Through this invisible connection a conjugant female pushes irritation in the male viscera for maximum drawing of energy from the copulating partner at the time of his discharge.      Tantric operation for destroying a female involves maintenance of the conjugal connection by the male through sex organ to keep the female exited but drawing the female energy by sucking it through his anus. Malun stood at zero when the operation completed after a few hours late at night.

My operation was successful, and the drawn out energy from Malun was transferred to a Marathi lady of Vadodara.  Malun was finished and dumped. Result of Rakshohan conducted by me three months ago was before me. Her psyche had shriveled slowly due to my oblations in fire; and, depleted of energy the ghost was now nearly dead.

I learnt later that my wife too had paid a price for the operation of Tantra at Delhi. My wife had passed through waves of passion and vomiting sensation for hours on the night of my activity. The information was made available to me after I had returned from my tour a few days after the incidence in Hotel Hansplaza. Wars and battles don’t kill only the fighting men. Innocents too die. My wife turned a victim   in my battle sadly. Her sex too was sucked out in my operations against Malun.  She could not be separated psychically from Malun and her goddesses; and, she could not escape from the disaster of my operations.

I was to deliver a lecture in the Geology Department at Chandigarh, barely 250 kilometers away from Dehradun, in late January or early February ’91. I had a morning bus for my journey. A teenager was seated with me on the double seat, reminding me of my plane journey from Calcutta to Delhi. Our journey lasted for nearly six hours.  She could no more be converted into another passion driving medium like 29C by the goddesses parching on Malun because Malun’s spirit was disabled and gone. My Rakshohan proved successful conclusively during my travel to Chandigarh.

I was preparing my slides and material till late night for the lecture next day. When the mind was free, I recounted my journey with the teenager. A smile of victory lit my face. “I have finished my adversary,” I said to myself.

“You have not finished me. You have only hurt me and earned your wages for it. I’ll wreak you.” An angry Malun robbed my happiness in the loneliness of the University guest room. Malun’s active spirit lay dismembered was certain. She was bereft of psyche component – kamaschet, bhavaschet and manaschet; else, she would have pumped sex in me through the teenager in the bus journey. Her spirit was hanging over my head, however, and could continue till the   allotment of a womb for Malun’s next life. Her angry and threatening goddesses were parching on her ineffective spirit; and, she was communicating their ire.

“Who of the two goddesses was threatening me – Lonkha or goddess volcano?” I questioned next morning to me. There was no definite answer through evaluation of their interests. But relevant information was with me now. Even if psyche of Malun is destroyed and she has become a normal spirit, an innocuous object unable to harass me, the goddesses parching upon her are still with the spirit  and one of them is going to make me miserable in near future.