Section 2: Live and let live


You’ve earned your wages


Pay for help

 Rasul was a loveable person. He proved that his faith in Awliya was above the lure of money available to him in my suitcase; he was emotional too about the pain of a person dying of thirst to the credit of his noble soul; and, I am sure, he would have rushed to help a crying man in pain without thinking about the consequences of extending such help. Most emotional people act like simple Rasul without evaluating the situation; and, some of them suffer too, occasionally. A truck driver, emotional like Rasul, is an example for me. He had a slogan written in Hindi on the backside of his truck: extend help to get a shoe; I earned one, you may too.

 This is what happens sometimes in our physical world.  Rasul’s question regarding water or help is not that simple in the situations when the troubles are due to   alter world of gods, souls, psyches and spirits. An ignorant man does not know it and cries loudly for help to whip emotions in another person for extending help.  The yelling man and the helping person both don’t understand their acts and karmas of the past. Both are unaware about the likely retaliation by the gods and spirit. I earned the active spirit of Malun to chase me after performing Abhichar to save the life of Sankar. Narrated below is a recent case of retaliation by the entities of the other world on a simple emotional man.

I was going through a letter on April 13, 2007 sent to me as SOS through speed post. It was dated 11.4.2007 and read “Sir, I mentioned in my last letter that my niece’s examination has started. Now again the moment exam begins; she becomes extremely nervous and tensed up. She is so scared of the exam that she does not even want to go and appear despite having studied the whole year. My sister is completely broken and devastated. She has only one faith and that is if you speak to her over phone and if you help her with your blessings, she will be able to get out of the trouble.

            Sir, I know I am not allowed to meet you or talk to you. I will obey your orders. Had I been permitted I would have run all the way and fallen at your feet. Please talk to my sister on phone. I assure you I will not talk to you. I will not do anything till you order me to do that. I have never disobeyed [you] in my life. I am leaving her phone numbers at your feet. Her numbers are …” 

The letter speaks of a man under hysteria, and there was a reason for it. The event was the repetition of the drama played last year by the same girl. The student prepared for her examination a year ago.  Just before appearing in the examination last year her mind sank into phobia of failure, she broke down and dropped the examination. She had to study in the same class for another year.  Her situation was typical of self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome (saps) induced often by a powerful spirit.

I connected the sister of the hysterical man on STD and spoke a single sentence “Things will be alright”. There was no other talk.

Force of the spirit parching on a member of the lady’s family and commanding the girl for a self-inflicting act collapsed under the force of my communication. The reaction lasted for about half an hour perceptibly. The possessing spirit turned unhappy when the mother of the girl child felt relieved.

I received a letter dated June 8, 2007 from the same person communicating, “ With your grace and blessings, my niece, Deepika Banerji, has passed B. Com. Part – I with 71% ….”.

Spirits have potential to wreak even good brains like Deepika under self-inflicting commands. It is so because marks of the girl reflect her intelligence but the commands of sprits affecting the will power run on manojav or psychic potential. The two are different attributes of a human self.

Is it right to extend help or intervene in such cases?

 It is not hard to judge. It was attrition between two souls: one with a physical body and the other merely with a spirit. I had no business to do what I did in emotion. I could not ignore the cry of the waling man (in italics) who had written his letter in distress seeing the condition of his niece.  In spite my best efforts to ensure that I remain insulated and cut off from   the worldly minds that are no different than the man in the grip of hysteria, I was unable to ignore him.

A live man cannot continue as deaf and dumb or without response under situations of stirring   emotions. I could not check myself due to the emotions stirring within me. The case did not close here, however. I read another letter from the sister of the man, undated, but sent on May 12 and received by me on May 13, 2008.

The letter reads “I am writing this letter in great desperation. It is concerning my brother Devashish. As you know he had joined the Master course of Mass communication and Journalism in Punjab University. The whole year he worked very hard, did all his assignments fairly well, but during his annual examination he fully crumbled. He took three of his papers with great difficulty but during his fourth paper… his brain became so fatigued that he just couldn’t take it and so he did not go to take it.”

The unhappy spirit wreaked the mind of the person waling for the help of his niece and approaching me in hysteria. She did so within a year because he helped the girl and the spirit felt helpless against my command. Spirits are as living objects as common men and   retaliate too if made unhappy.

My friend Jauhari Lal approached me in the autumn of 2005 for help in connection with the asps of his wife possessed by a spirit from Rajasthan. I explained him my helplessness. I’m in god state. Men as well as spirits are same for me. I cannot be partial for men because they are physical beings and spirits belong to an invisible world. Spirits are as living as men, even if invisible.

Men have a right to fight possessing spirits driving them to asps. Assistance from exorcists or ritualistic pundits of Atharva Ved may help them riddance from common spirits. They may not succeed, however, if karmas have imposed their consummation. Also, in the cases like Malun and me, a possessed person is not dealing with an active spirit alone. Gods or goddesses parching on the active spirit are not amenable to exorcizing. It is invariably a long and continuous battle if someone wants to fight a parasite spirit sucking the ann of life and stunting the growth of his soul.