Section 2: Live and let live


Religion induced misdeeds


Response of a foreign Buddha

I was to attend a conference on Micropaleontology in Sendai, Japan, during autumn of ’90. I learnt after reaching Sendai that my luggage was misplaced in transit. It contained my paper and slides prepared by effort and care; and, if my lost luggage did not arrive on time my purpose of going to Japan would be lost. Anyway, I purchased necessary linen, and was attending the conference without bothering about the arrival of my suitcase.

“I see no worry or agitation on your face regarding the loss of your luggage. What happens when your luggage does not arrive by tomorrow?  Yours is the first paper on the day next,” said Prof. Banerjee, my past colleague of ONGC. 

“I’m sure it will reach tomorrow.”

“How can you be so sure about its arrival tomorrow?” said Dr Banerjee, not seeing any reason for my carefree behavior.

“Doctor, the suitcase contains some articles for the worship of Buddha of Zeuganzi temple on the coast of the adjacent Bay. Buddha cares for his worship more than I’m bothered for reading the paper! It will reach to me because Buddha is involved and he rules all Buddhist minds from Thailand to Japan. He will command them to make the luggage reach me in time tomorrow.” 

My explanation was too simple. Dr.  Banerjee smiled. There would be fewer fools like me in age of science, he implied.

My luggage arrived. I read the paper and conducted the worship of Zeuganzi Buddha myself in his Temple. Local priests were standing around me during the ritual.

 I received from the concerned Airlines carrier exactly ten times of the money I had spent on the purchase of ingredients for the ritual as the compensation of the lost-luggage; and, I viewed it as my reward for visiting the Buddha of Japan. 

Dr. Banerjee was surprised but happy to see that my prediction came true. Buddha power did work between Bangkok where my luggage was misplaced and Sendai where his worship was due.

 The event also demonstrates that Buddhism of Japan, Thailand other counties is not concerned with the animosity of past Buddhists and their present lives against Sankar-Mandan pair or Hinduism in India.