Section 1: Days of peril

Who is goddess volcano?

Protection of Vishnu

I fell ill after a day of my prayer to Kamakhya, running   high in temperature in the first week of May. It struck me that a male Tantrist, hurt by the failure of goddess volcano, is behind my fever. I did not know him, nor could I figure his identity.

I was a ritualistic Brahmin when I killed Malun during a bygone past. There is a tradition among such ritualistic Brahmins. They keep in reserve a ‘fire-weapon’ of mantras for use against unidentifiable enemy of psychic world that remains hidden or camouflaged. I was confident to have such a weapon with me in the past life and dying as Mandan without using it. Mantra-power moves from one life to another by soul as wealth as I have indicated elsewhere (p160); and, what is earned in one life is available in the other. Using the principle, I targeted my past-earned fire-weapon upon my enemy unseen and unidentifiable.  I could see ‘dark blood’ around someone in the vision after using mantra-weapon. There was no recognizable face in the person hit by it during late night when the ritual was complete.

 My temperature receded but symptoms of the strange fever continued for a month. I only had a feeling of running high temperature, but the thermometer read between 99o and 100o F. Physician treating me advised to keep attending office in spite of the mild fever. It was certain that things were lingering on account of Tantra.

My neighbor P.V.K., a devout South Indian Brahmin, was narrating a similar strange feeling of his illness to me during the period. He was feeling the fever but the body temperature was normal. P.V.K., a general Manager in ONGC, is a devout follower of Vishnu, reciting a thousand names of the deity every day. It looked as if my neighbor was tied to me through a psychic connection to share my fever.

 I had visited Vishnu’s shrine at Puri temple only a few   days after falling under the possession of Malun and her goddesses in February ’87. Vishnu was aware of their designs, and was taking care of me in response against their Tantra. Family deity of mine had joined me with P.V.K. for my survival and failing Buddhist Tantra of Malun’s volcano goddess.