Section 1: Days of peril

Who is goddess volcano?


The other goddess

Goddess Kali helped free my wife from Malun’s grip. Her ordeal was over and hopes were there for a smooth life in future, free from maddening passions.   I had landed her on terra firma of dignity, free from fear of death. With medium of Malun gone, Lonkha too had become inoperative. Her Tantra could not affect my wife any more. We had our victory over Malun and Lonkha in Mid-April. I was now confident that my wife will have no tensions to choose forcibly a death through hanging herself with rope after her misery of excessive sex-indulgence was over. It was equally certain, however, that my success would enrage Malun and her commanding goddess Lonkha.  A fear of their retaliation was nagging me all the time after my wife was free from control of Khasi queen.

 My fears proved right sooner than expected. An ominous beginning of Malun’s retaliation was evident within a couple of days with a dreaded scene in my evening meditation in the last week of April ’89. My vision conveyed a warning of some god or goddess associated with Malun, I felt.  It showed a volcano that was throwing out volcanic bombs of human heads instead rocks. There was no fire in the crater, only heads were going up in the air like typical volcanic bombs and then falling around the volcano. It was a bizarre scene, related unmistakably either to the powers of Malun, or, more likely, powers of   her another deity worshiped as a goddesses of volcano in past somewhere.

Malun was a Khasi Buddhist and Lonkha was certainly her clan goddess. But, then who was volcanic goddess parching upon her and threatening me of dire consequences in near future? There have been no volcanoes around Guwahati – either in historical past or in a few million years ago. Goddess Lonkha was unrelated to volcanoes, I surmised. My vision signaled a doom for me from some other goddess. She was also parching on Malun like Lonkha, related surely to Buddhism because queen of Kamrup was baptized as a Buddhist in later part of her life; and, angry upon me like Lonkha because I killed queen Malun.

Buddhism is a religion negating God and run by the power of Tantra, known only to a few men at top. Buddha started his first sermons of Tantra from Vaishali in Bihar after coming in contact with famous whore Amrapali – sung as an elevated human among Buddhists. Tantra requires a male-female couple of deities for invocation and operating it effectively. Amrapali was the Buddhist deity parching upon Malun was my conclusion.

Active or historical volcanoes ejecting lava, ashes and bombs are not only absent in Guwahati or Vaishali area, they are missing even in India. Nearest historical or pre-historical volcano for us is Ararat in Turkey.  Does it mean that I was dealing with some Turkish goddess under the mantle of Buddhist cult of Malun? Was Malun operating the powers of an ancient goddess of volcano worshiped on the far off land of Turkey in bygone past?  Did Amrapali represent her reincarnation during the sixth century BC spreading Tantra through her past medium, now Buddha? Name of the goddess, even if she existed once, is forgotten now in the Middle East due to the iconoclastic derision of Islam towards other cults. Such goddesses exist in Greece and Italy even today where active volcanoes survive and cults erasing their names are absent.

 I had escaped death somehow; and, had also outwitted the goddess-powered Malun and thrown away her torture tool of 29C attached to my wife.  Goddess Kali’s grace upon my wife had far outweighed the Tantra-power of   the native goddess Lonkha. The Khasi spirit had felt disabled, defeated and ashamed. The volcano goddess with fiery power was parching on Malun and could punish me to avenge the defeat of Buddhist queen.  There may be even harsher tool of Buddhist Tantra in the weaponry of Malun. 

 Malun allowed me no more time to think and arrive at a definite conclusion about her volcano goddess. My wife was victimized next day of my vision; the volcano goddess ejecting human heads was for taking away the head of my wife and throw it out like a volcanic bomb. I must be a witness of my wife’s death in lieu of my humiliating her was the decision of Malun.

An intolerable and maddening passion hit my wife suddenly coupled with extreme burning in her lower abdomen. Her malady kept accelerating fast, doubling in strength every four or five hours. Next day my wife was turning delirious. I could do nothing. I was at my wits end as the torture was overflowing her nerves. Hope of her survival was turning slender. I could never imagine that the gap between life and death could reduce as fast as this.  Additional few hours of my helplessness would kill my wife surely. If nothing was done quickly, pitiable scenario will close as a specter of her death on the last day of April ‘89.

My wife had a vision in her delirium: four smaller vulvas surrounded a large vulva. Projection was apparently by the goddess of volcano, demonstrating her power to kill my wife through pumping five-fold female passion in her and setting a volcano in her abdomen. She had escaped from the passions induced by Lonkha for conjugal activity.  Volcano goddess had accepted my wife’s position of freedom from mating accorded to her by goddess Kali. She would not alter it. But, I discovered worst tortures in Buddhist Tantra for those who escaped mating through dodging the Buddhist deity, as I had done for my wife through Kali.

Volcano goddess was for severing the head of my wife and throwing it out of the vent of volcano like a bomb as projected in my vision. She was belittling the mortals besides communicating us her wrath. If humans like us mock the gods, they will meet the kind of ends my wife was in.  I had to see my wife dying of passion and inflammation in her genitals right before my eyes; and, I could do nothing to prevent it. Message from the goddess of volcano was loud and clear.

I was in worship till late at night when the crisis had deepened to its nadir. I offered my prayers to goddess Kamakhya, “I worship you as a whole and complete genital organ of all the human females on earth.  Organs in all females are just your fragments and replicas, and they lie under your control in my belief. May my wife be left with her own genitals alone, and the other organs attached to her, which are other than her own, are drawn in you, the omnified Goddess Vulva!”

My prayer worked. Next morning my wife was without any problems. Kamakhya was on our side. She proved more powerful than the volcano goddess of a foreign land. It was also clear that goddess of volcano was a non-Khasi deity, and Kamakhya of Kamrup would never favor her against us even though she ruled over the Khasi queen because of her baptizing as a Buddhist.

It also figured in logic that I was dealing with three entities in the case of Malun – the spirit of Khasi queen, a goddess of Kamrup to whom the queen belonged as a member of Khasi clan, and a powerful commanding goddess of a non-Khasi origin ruling her after the queen was baptized in Buddhism. Lonkha was her native goddess and the volcano goddess was Buddhist mentor of Malun’s active spirit. She was basic female deity of Buddhism and Buddhist Tantra; and, we had passed through her harrowing volcanic furor during last two days of April ‘89.