Section 1: Days of peril

Highway to death


Kali rescues

Problems of unquenchable passions in my wife were continuing even a week after learning that Malun was invincible in Kamrup and returning empty handed from Kamakhya. No god or goddess of Kamrup will help us against Malun was the inference after we had visited Guwahati.  I was sure innately about   some solution of my wife’s problems in near future.  But my mind and logic were unable to figure it out. 

I was just pondering over the problem of choosing a god or goddess to pray for helping my wife during my routine worship and meditation in evening.  Malun represents goddess Lonkha of Kamrup people; hence, Kamakhya belonging to the same people did not help us. It is likely that I get help from some other goddess not affiliated to Kamrup. Type of help required in the case also figured in the tranquil mind after meditation. 

 Relationship between me, Malun, my wife and 29C figured pointedly before me in the context of our conjugal interaction. My wife and I were joined physically; 29C was attached to my wife and Malun psychically  and was  working  as a conduit of sex energy between us and our aliens –Malun and Lonkha. The spirit pumped passion in my wife through 29C and I was the neutralizer of the passion when the three joined me in chain.  The neutralized energy reached to Malun through 29C again.

My wife would get respite if the chain breaks, I reasoned.  Removing the medium 29C could do away the connection, it emerged.

“Who could be our savior goddess?”  I thought for a while. Prayers moved the other moment instantly. Goddess Kali was the deity, graced by whom our marriage had materialized and my wife was wearing her mercuric oxide on her head to adore her wifehood ever since we entered into wedlock.

 Kali is a powerful goddess in North India, ruling over a large territory outside the jurisdiction of the Khasi gods.

Goddess Kali was prayed to take 29C under her possession and to keep the teenager away from Malun. The process would automatically remove the medium between my wife and our alien Malun, I had reasoned.  It worked. My wife was free of passion fever same night.

 Now, the conjugal act forced upon us was extremely painful for my wife and Malun conjunct with my wife. They had to share its pain. The spirit was damned because Kali took 29C under her possession leaving the Khasi spirit attached to my wife directly but bereft of any conjugal connection with me due to absence of her medium. Buddhist Malun was virgin, and virgin’s active spirit was unable to sleep with a male in absence a young, virgin medium.  The Khasi queen was a miserable dame during our conjugation therefore; and, the ordeal of my wife was over in a day or two.

Malun moved away from my wife after her medium was gone; and, I pulled my wife out of the clutches of the Khasi spirit and goddesses parching upon her.