Section 1: Days of peril

Highway to death

Siva responds


My wife and I were sinking very rapidly into crippling weakness and stifling breathlessness after conjugal activity, which continued unabated night after night. March ’89 was closing just in a day or two. She had slept rather early and I was lying on the bed, awake and recounting my visit of Siva temple at Sibsagar on 23.11.88. The elderly priest had conducted the worship following the rituals of Tantra and gave me Emblica fruits for saving our lives.

 A conviction stirred me that his words after the conclusion of the ritual could never go wrong. All the four members of my family must live together in the years to come. There must be a way out from the whorl pool of death sucking me in. Malun’s Tantra   must break somehow because I’m protected under the cover of Siva-Tantra. An idea dawned upon me: pray the presiding deity of Sibsagar Temple – Siva – for survival.

 Flashing   thought of praying Lord Siva for survival made me sit on the bed very moment. I sat and prayed for the help of the deity to save my wife and me from the treacherous death looming on our heads. It worked instantly. Whole body of mine was soaking energy perceptively like a dry towel thrown in a pond of water. I fell asleep and woke up without cramps in the leg next morning. 

My search for a hole through the thick clouds to land somewhere on earth, and to stand on a ground to fight my adversary was over.  I was on a landing strip after two and half months of flying above the clouds.

Face of death, staring at me every night, spared me on the last night of March ’89. Mantra-power of the priest of Sibsagar temple proved more powerful than the combined strength of Malun’s spirit and her goddesses.