Section 1: Days of peril

Highway to death

Die the way you killed


Festival of colors Holi was on March 22.  A small gathering of officers working with me was at my residence in the evening to celebrate the occasion. It dispersed rather early, and none was in my drawing room by eight.  Young men and their families saw nothing unusual with me. But my limbs had lost their life considerably by that time. Hands were nearly numb, moving with difficulty. Condition of the lower limbs was slightly better. I could walk for a hundred steps still, and was able to climb the stairs leading to the rooftop without problems.  Ship of my life was not far from the iceberg of death though its tip was not in the sight due to the smog of despair around me. I shall hit it soon was an echo in the eerie silence of my empty drawing room.

Pattern of Tantra-induced death was before me in the night of Holi. First, limbs lose energy and then the body; and, finally the lungs stop breathing. Same was the pattern when Malun succumbed to death helplessly. Her goddesses were as helpless as the queen herself against the Abhichar conducted by me to kill the lady through mantras. I will follow the same path in other two or three weeks.

 I was the killer of Malun around 1200 years ago. Her tribal deity Lonkha was driving me today on the same road of death through Tantra. My death is inevitable. My spirit   will go down in the same dark waters of death that engulfed queen Malun; her spirit is nourishing lone desire for 1200 years to kill me in revenge. If nothing positive happened within a few weeks, I was destined to fall from the edge of a cliff to rest in the valley of death like a playful goat. 

 In the turmoil churning me, I had learnt two lessons.   Power of Tantra does not disappear with the death of a person. The Khasi queen was dead and gone 1200 years ago, but her powers were very much alive in her active spirit. The spirit was operating it upon the people around me as also against me after she met me in Urvashi Hotel during February 1987. Worshipped goddesses of Khasi and Buddhist Tantra continue with Malun’s active spirit giving her desired strength to fight me using a medium like 29C. There is no difference between the dead and living in the domain of Tantra because the operator of the Tantra is not the physical self. It is the imperishable psychic self continuing indefinitely after the physical death of a person.

The other knowledge instilled in my head relates to past deeds or karmas. It was realized, there is no forgiving in the rule of Karmas – an eye for an eye alone holds. My life for Malun’s life can alone settle our past to her satisfaction. 

Scenarios of the past and the present were also comparable. I killed the Khasi queen through the ritual of Abhichar, which invoked Vedic gods and mantras. The queen died and her goddesses of tribal Khasi cult and Buddhism were helpless.  Malun’s active spirit and associated goddess, waiting since then for my similar end, have caught me when I’m a scientist without any mantra-power. I am defenseless against their Tantra; and, words of the priest of Sibsagar assuring my wellbeing are failing. There is no option but to follow the path of death covered once by a living Malun.