Section 1: Days of peril

Highway to death


Fifth full moon


My wife and I were shaken by maddening passions on the command of the Khasi spirit a few days after I was back from Kachchh.  Passions turned us helpless every evening, forcing conjugation in night. The goddess’ force behind the spirit was drawing my energy at the climax and sinking my heart after ejaculation. My alien spirit, conjunct with my wife on one hand and her medium 29C on the other, conducted the activity perceptively.  A mass of girls in the hostel of 29C joined her in Tantra under the command of goddess of matrimony, Lonkha.

Unbearable was the drawing of energy in the process due to participation of several virgins conjunct with 29C against a single male who had pricked the Khasi goddess of conjugation by defeating her in conjugation in Kachchh.  She was now siphoning out my vitality and life through sexual interaction night after night for her revenge. Malun intended to drain life out of me till its total depletion, and was waiting for my death to welcome me in her world of spirits. Nothing could be done against the feeling of helplessness and worry after I slept exhausted in copulation every night. The spirit proved the truth in the story of ram heard by me as a village boy. I was the ram rolling down fast from a cliff in to the valley of death.

I would get up early in the morning forcibly at 5 with severe cramps in the calf muscles of my left leg.  It was the time when the medium got up to prepare for her examinations of class 12. Seemingly, my left leg remained joined to her right whole night in the same position as the night of January 17. Teenager on 29C was my killer, Lonkha and Malun showed me.   In reality, the two slept with me occupying the physical body of my helpless wife and using 29C and associated virgins for pumping their passions in me. They were sucking out my energy in reciprocation through conjugal route.

I was desperate but had hopes of recovery in near future.   29C was to leave Dehradun on March 18 after her exams, and I expected a major change on this date because the munitions of virgins around her will disintegrate after their departure along with her. My expectations did not materialize on March 19. I was merely to die in the final equation of energy transaction between Khasi spirit harboring Lonkha and me.

  Logical and fighting self of mine was buckling under the weight of the aliens riding over my back and whipping me with passion every night. Fifth full moon after my Tantra-ritual in Siva temple of Sibsagar was rising over the ridge of the hills to the east while I stood silently at my rooftop on March 21. I was recounting my childhood days when the swimmer in me got caught in a whorl pool of river Ganges. Efforts to get out of the forcing current drowning and killing me were just failing; and, I prepared myself to drown and die. It was a moment of peace, I recounted. Death is neither brutal nor terrifying in my experience of childhood. Yet, there was something in me that exhorted the swimmer for a last effort to swim fast and get out the whirling water mass.  I succeeded in my effort 36 years ago. That was a phenomenon of our physical world, any way. Force in the strokes of swimmer in me and direction of my movement paid off and saved my life.

“What do I do to the whorl pool of psychic world sucking me to sink today?” I asked to myself without any answer.

I was gazing at the full moon above the hill in the eastern sky for long without hitting any answer. I did not feel like dying defeated by Lonkha. But there was no way out. My worship in the temple of Sibsagar invoking mantras of Tantra by the elderly priest on the full moon evening and his assurance of my survival against an expected death was not working. If an assurance in the name of the supreme Indian deity of Tantra – Siva – is failing, what could an individual like me do whose knowledge of Tantra is just by hearsay?