Section 1: Days of peril

Highway to death


Stress at home


I briefed my wife about the problems and psychic phenomena bedeviling me when I was back home form Kachchh. The game plan of the spirit, as analyzed and understood on my way back to Dehradun from Vadodara, was narrated to her for our strategy to deal with the alien spirit in future. I also checked with her the state of materialization of   a vision in Kachchh after the conjugation with the spirit. I had seen on the morning of February 10 that 29C had walked into my porch after entering through the gate. She was in a light blue dress of kemij-salwar. I had a sigh of relief when my wife told me that the vision was yet to materialize. My vision must turn real in future was certain; but, the event would have meant a scandal had the teenager stepped into my home during my absence in Kachchh. Maybe I do better to deal with the situation in future, I thought. 

My wife also provided important details about her experiences in the ghostly calamity upon us. They were very relevant. I was surprised to learn from her that my wife was also connected with the spirit, 29C and me during the conjugation of January 17 and February 8; and, she shared the post-conjugal satiation too.   Malun’s spirit has dragged both of us together in Tantra as her medium, I learnt after talking to her.    I also speculated broadly about our fate in Tantra because my father’s death was in pursuance of the subject.

 We were helpless, and had just to follow a simple rule in the game laid down for us by my alien – heads she wins and tails we lose.  An air of desperation was upon us the day I was back from Kachchh.  Hard days alone were to follow was certain. Haze and darkness was upon us blocking the ray of survival to reach the couple in peril.  Wife and husband could only count the days of our existence one by one as they passed.