Section 1: Days of peril

Damnation of a gentleman


Gods and spirits


Befooling the maddened mother of V.R. to serve her homemade food without any fuss brought relief in his family but angered the tormenting goddess. It was, in simple words, outmaneuvering Swati parching on the Khasi spirit by playing a trick. The goddess hating Krishna had confronted someone worshipping him for over fifteen years and lost to his wit. It was a different matter that I qualified for additional punishment for my joking with the goddess.

Swati could not force any more commands on the old lady for a nastier fuss because her mind was already deranged. I had shown to the Buddhist goddess Swati that I could trick and befool her besides making my boss comfortable by my wisdom. Spirit of Malun and her goddess were defeated a second time after their fall in Kachchh.

A humbled and angry Malun retaliated again to demonstrate her power as she had shown it in the Airport hotel of Vadodara for avenging her defeat of Kachchh. Possibly she had felt helpless in commanding the mind of V.R.’s mother to create another nuisance in the family; but, she certainly maneuvered even a maddened mind for a short time for an agonizing drama.

There was a day when V. R.  narrated that in the previous night his mother was lying naked on the bed in an inviting pose for conjugation. I heard him in silence. I had all the hate for the spirit, but also realized that my anger and hatred would turn a vile Swati only happier.

My alien Malun harbored a goddess and the goddess wanted to shake me for what had I done to her – befooling and tricking.  She communicated her anger in action shortly after I gave relief to the family of my boss. Any way, an agonizing scene for me was not so depressing for V.R. An accelerated bout of madness was responsible for the despicable scene witnessed by my boss in his view, like a normal man. V. R. was a worldly man and did not look shaken while narrating the incidence to me. His narration about the scene meant something different   to me.  It was a scene of retaliation by goddess Swati for my befooling her and Malun, I felt. 

The above was not the first case when I had tricked a spirit. Even earlier there was an incidence in 1984 involving my dentist friend Indrajit of Dehradun.  He had brought home a spirit from Philippines in early eighties after visiting the Fareast country. I was in Brahm state those days and could feel and communicate with the spirits.

A colleague of my office talked about the illness of Indrajit in 1984 – a breathing problem. Presence of a spirit was perceptible while we were talking about the case in our office. There was a communication from the spirit at my residence in night: don’t come between me and my prey (my friend). I agreed.   

Sometimes later I met Indrajit and learnt about his strange problem of suffocating breath; it was not   diagnosed properly even in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi. Illness was dragging my friend fast towards death. His wife was aware about the existence of a spirit. We cannot stop death in such possessions; but, it could be delayed with some luck.  Indrajit’s son was to become a dentist in near future and was due to take his seat in dental clinic as a qualified man if  my friend’s  death kept away till young man availed his degree.

Wife of my friend was advised to conduct recitation of a mantra for his longevity, and, she was on the job a day after the advice. I did not interfere between the spirit and her prey technically. It was the wife who came between the spirit and her husband. My friend lived and   saw his qualified son established.

In July 2007, I visited the clinic and was chatting with the son of my past friend, his wife and children, recounting my old days with Indrajit. There was also an invisible member there communicating to me “You’ve stalled my revenge; I’m stuck here.”

 Complaint of spirit made me uncomfortable when I reached home. I know my friend is reborn in the same family, and the active spirit cannot getaway from the clinic of the family so long her revenge is not complete on   the new body of the soul of my friend.

 She was unhappy with what had I done to her – forcing her to wait for decades to have her revenge completed through new life of my friend. I knew I have tricked the poor spirit; she knew I had tricked her; and, under the rule of truth a punishment is due upon my soul for my act in ignorance.

I was sympathetic to a sobbing spirit and promised to pay her for my atrocity towards her.

That is the difference between goddess Swati and an active spirit of a normal human being. Goddess had retaliated while the spirit was sobbing in helplessness. Gods feel humbled and insulted when a man overrules their command. When humiliated they retaliate violently in response with force of their community power backing them. A spirit behaves an individual and acts like a human being. A female could be weeping and sobbing too. Spirit-clusters attacking an individual, even if small, act like gods.

Two other facets of experience were before me. First, one keeps living as an active spirit or charged psyche even after the death; and, second, the person cannot get rid of unhappiness till the equivalent ann or energy is availed to mollify the grief-giving negative energy. It applies even to the gods in the rule of karmas. It hounds the spirits as well as gods under a simple formula: as you sow, so you reap. I must pay for the unhappiness of the spirit in the dental clinic of my past friend. It was an act done in ignorance and there is no way out to get rid of my erroneous act.

 Religious folk preach in India that karmas end as one reaches Brahm state. I took action on Philippine spirit in Brahm state, but learnt in 2007 that I cannot escape from the karmas of hurting a spirit as we believe. Soul generates and sustains Karmas through bodies. Soul alone has to settle them in future lives.