Section 1: Days of peril

Damnation of a gentleman


Illusion of love affair


V. R. had a teenaged daughter, darkish in color and not so attractive or beautiful those days.  She was passing out of her class with good results.  Khasi queen took command of her mind.  My killer chose the girl as her second target. It was for punishing V. R.  through humiliating him and harassing his family.

  Spirits use teenager’s ‘emotional system’ for arousing   emotions after possessing their delinquent minds. A virgin teenager system gets accelerated fast to yearn for contacting a responsive male. Malun did it to my co-passenger 29c as her first target. The daughter of my boss was her second victim.

Troubles of my boss started soon after a fair looking and handsome person joined as a waiter in a hotel near his residence. The spirit victimized the poor young man and turned him into a Romeo.  He took fancy for the girl to the extent of madness as he saw her going to school everyday. Such irresistible psychic attractions do not manifest on account of normal physical requirement for love or sex.  Only an intense force from the possessing spirit compelled two delicate human system of opposite sex to reach nearest to each other in psychic arousal mentally (and not physically). The spirit was a direct beneficiary in the game as she gained psychic energy from the new mediums. Malun was draining the mental energy of V. R. by sinking him into unhappiness.

V. R.  is a mild and noble person, and he was unable to think of some harsh or punitive action on the waiter to force his exit from Dehradun. It was very easy had he contacted the manager of the hotel.

The spirit was commanding three minds in her game:  first, the waiter of the hotel; second, my boss; and, third,   his daughter.  Malun lay beyond challenge for them. My boss felt shy to meet the manager of the hotel under the command of the spirit and could not request him to remove the boy from his hotel. The boy showed unyielding arrogance and stubbornness, not heeding any advice for decent behavior and conduct. The girl in teens was unable to feel and appreciate the dignified status of her family for curtailing her conduct imparting unhappiness to her parents. Such was Malun’s command on the three minds under her possession.

 Rules for eve-teasing are strict in India; and, even a mild legal step would have solved the problems of my boss easily. He did nothing to solve the delicate situation due to the control of the spirit, however.

V. R.  sent his daughter to Mayo College of Ajmer to get rid of the boy. The spirit was happy and satisfied with the harassment inflicted on her past courtier.  Draining away money from V.R. forcibly in the last two years of his service cooled the heart of Malun running her revenge over her past courtier.

Minds jammed by spirits due to possession are unable to decide and act logically under self-inflicting auto-suggestive possession syndrome or saps, discussed later.