Section 1: Days of peril


Damnation of a gentleman

Departure of maid


V. R. lived in his own house in Dehradun with his mother, wife, daughter and a maidservant. He was a General Manager with two years of service in hand when troubles stared in 1989.  My boss was field geologist by profession. He was in good health and economically sound position to sustain him after superannuation.

His bad luck started shaping and growing fast just like a monsoon cloud only months after the first attack of stupefaction upon him. Malun’s multiple point agenda for us was to drive us towards poverty by draining out money through wrong decisions or wasteful expenditure, and push us into social problems and scandals besides torturing through family problems.  First in the series of events that made my boss unhappy was departure of his maid. Minds of V. R. and people around him were under the possession of Malun and she was commanding them to do what she wished. Additionally, my boss was communicating the events of his home   in detail at her command to convey me that the powerful queen could also punish me like him at will. I suffered worse than him, no doubt. But even under extreme suffering glitter of   ‘who dares wins’ kept me going with a bold face, defying her torture tools.

V. R. informed me in the spring of ’89 that his maid was leaving for her hometown near Kolkata. There was nothing unusual about her leaving the old job for a new in her hometown. Things were not that simple, however. There were body radiations from V. R. (on account of the spirit) projecting his attraction towards the maid. She had been in service with him not for long, and yet he suggested that he could pay a handsome amount to help her make a small house at her native place.   He was a bit too generous to her, I felt. It was also clear that the ghost was determined to  drain the money of her past courtier.  

I made a humble submission to V. R. on the matter “You may consult your wife for giving her the funds for house.”

 I made no enquiries about the maid thereafter. When I visited him some times later, she had left. Possibly the woman would have stayed longer with V. R. and his family availed her comforts had the alien spirit not maneuvered maid’s mind and  commanded her to leave such good people and paymasters. The spirit snatched away from my boss his comforts of a whole time maidservant. Her wicked mind was working all the time to drive both of us on the track of psychosomatic harassments and draining money through incorrect decisions.  I do not know if the   alien spirit made some dents in the economy of my boss too on account of the maid.