Section 1: Days of peril

Damnation of a gentleman


Courtier under wrath


V. R.  was one of the courtiers of the Khasi queen some 1200 years ago; and, she had judged him as a traitor. My alien herself communicated the knowledge to me; or, I am not sure, some other innate mechanism of knowledge-communication among the dead brought the information to me a few months after gory incidence of Isamati. I did not know the rule of truth yet in the consciousness regime governing the karmas of men, spirits, and psyches as also gods.

 Logic dictated that her retribution on the traitor of her kingdom was going to be tough, agonizing and despicable. It may not match my own simple punishment by death; but it must be quite severe, I felt.

 I saw no reason to discuss the sad topic with V. R. in the tenet of an astrologer or palmist. People face their bad times out of their will and inner strength. Talking ill about future may demoralize a person and erode his will. I knew my problems roughly and likely shape of events in the worst scenario – my death. I was fighting Malun with knowledge of risk. V. R. could do the same even as an ignorant. 

 V. R. was ignorant about the threat of Malun as also his future; and, I preferred to remain silent on the likely ominous event of his future. My boss could fare better in his struggle against his past queen. His scientist mind was worldly, and he would see even the most scaring event of Tantra as routine worldly phenomena, I evaluated. Neither he nor I knew that his inadvertent visit to my residence on 11.2.89, helping in survival of my wife, was against the wishes of his past Khasi queen. There was possibility that he drew additional punishments on account of this act. My decision was: he need not know her designs of punishment; I will do my best to help him. I stopped thinking about the future of my boss with a resolve and conviction that any one, including Malun or her goddess Lonkha, cannot alter karmas and destiny.